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Well, the puppy/con situation is sort of sorted, in that the breeders are keeping my boy for an extra two weeks so I can go to Eastercon (but we won't be staying Monday night, as originally planned - and I really need to phone the Hotel and let them know) and we have arranged a new cat sitter and for Draco to go into Kennels - we will pick him up on our way to Lincolnshire to pick up the puppy.

Meanwhile, having been to see our local practice nurse, it looks like my blood pressure is getting out of hand again, and I am currently taking readings morning and night prior to another session which will no doubt result in new and different medication. Two days after that I go into London for a session with the Stress and Health study people... There are other checks I need to have done, but everything is happening at once, so some of those can wait.

I have two long posts in production which have stalled, as well as piece of pure crack fan fiction which I really must type up.

Not happy with the BBC for giving up half F1 after all that struggle to get it, but it was nice to see Jenson win in Oz. Good race, too.

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Good. Glad that's sorted.

Looking forward to meeting you at Eastercon, and the puppy afterwards.

Are you coming to see the Queen on Thursday week by the way? If so there's a bunch of us gathering at my house before making our way to the park.

(Not much bothered about seeing the queen herself, myself, but appreciate the symbolism when she arrives in our back yard, and it's a bit of a local occasion.)

Thursday week is when I have to spend the afternoon being poked and measured and vampired in the name of the biggest and longest running health study ever commissioned (heck, I've been on it for 27 years... I'll mention it to Ina, though.

Where in Lincolnshire? (that being my home county and all).

Not far from Grantham and Stamford, just off the A151.

Used to be RAF North Witham. The runways are still there, though falling apart.

Apparently, Battlefield, the Dr Who arc, was filmed there.

In late February, we saw a number of butterflies, including a Brimstone.

Thanks. I was born in Grantham.


Didn't have time to edit the damn comment before you replied.

I thought this was under the photographs, not the bit about the puppies. However, the comments about Twyford Wood relate as the kennels are less than a mile away.

Counthorpe House near Little Bytham.

Thanks for the extra info.

Good race, excellent result - though I figured it out from the following half-sentence heard on Classic FM news before I managed to turn it off.
'ken Lewis Hamilton at the start of the race.'

This I'll do a post about F1 programming myself though, it seems I have a lot to say. ;)

Hope the BP situation is simply resolved.

Taking part in health surveys take time, but they can pay off handsomely.

I can see your Easter Tuesday is going to be really relaxing, after attending a con all long weekend. Not.

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