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All of my photos of Skipton seem to be of the canals and the beck...
Except this one... Dales means sheep Traffic jam Canal Basin Canal Road Waterfall on the Beck Though this final one is taken from the beck and canal rather than of it... Skipton Castle from the Moat/Canal

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So do I. There is also a super bronze of Fred Trueman in the car park...

The marquis is very fond of that castle.

It's some years since I took a tour - we were busy seeing people, including birdsedge and dog walking and shopping this trip - but it's an interesting beastie of a castle.

It's a lovely castle. Last time I wandered round it, I was, I think, Looby Loo's age. We ought to take her to see it, too.

I suspect the fine sheep in stone weren't there, then, either.

The fine sheep in stone are in the bus station ... while the bronze of Freddie Truman bowling is in the canal basin car park.

Me, too. The Yew tree in the Conduit Court is a delight.

We were in Skipton in '09 (where all my photos seem to be of the castle) and never saw the sheep! That's a fun town identity sign; you wouldn't forget. Perhaps the sign is younger than our visit?

Or possibly you weren't in the bus station car park, which is where it is...

That could well explain it. My brother's arthritis was in fine form that day, so apart from the obligatory castle and finding lunch, we walked as little as possible.

I visited Skipton by train a couple of times in my childhood/early teens, strictly for the castle, and hadn't even realized there was a canal.

The sheep are great!

It's on the Leeds-Liverpool canal, and has its own branch called the Spring which was used to transport minerals from around the castle.

Lovely pics. The sheep-wall is fabulous.

Lovely pics-the sheep are so cute!
And if the town looks this wonderful at this time of year, I assume that it's absolutely fantastic during summer. *ponders*

It's very, very crowded during the Summer - the 'Gateway to the Dales' is an apt description.

We know it quite well - a friend lives just down the road in Keighley - and it is a beautiful little town, with the centre pretty much unspoiled. It has some wonderful pubs, and good shopping (never go there without visiting Whitaker's chocolate shop on the High Street.)

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I love the drystone sheepwall :-)

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