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Head on train crash in Poland.

Halifax raises its mortgage rate, following RBS,

Presidential elections in Russia.

Red Cross making yet another attempt to get medical supplies into destroyed Syrian town.

Huge meteor seen in British skies.

British WW2 gravestones smashed in Libya.

Report on charity funding leaked.

Yet what does BBC Radio 4 lead on? Some Roman Catholic Cardinal (who I bet isn't actually British) whining about gay marriage undermining Christian moral values in the UK, thereby putting himself in the same camp as the horrible Sentamu. Well, I do hope he's right.

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What amused me was the line in one newspaper report talking about Christian tradition that has stood for 800 years! Er, drop in the ocean mate in terms of timescales of formalised human relationships. Really? You're trying to protect something that hasn't been set-in-stone for even half of the time your religion's been in existence? So what was going on for the other 1200 years of christianity that you don't want us to know about then?

They're onto a loser both ways. They can't claim the oldest 'tradition' (and age is surely what tradition is about) and if it's about changing to improve the future then that's exactly what they're doing.

Bloody hell, perhaps it's time someone dug out the plethora of look-gay-swans-etc articles again. *facepalm*

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And Classic FM's 9am bulletin has relegated it to just in front of the news that the Friday night Euromillions winner has yet to come forward. Oh, and they added a sound-bite from someone explaining that it really has no effect on heterosexual marriages. *g*

that the Friday night Euromillions winner has yet to come forward. Oh, and they added a sound-bite from someone explaining that it really has no effect on heterosexual marriages.

*wonders vaguely how the Euromillions winner might affect het marriage* ;)

*wonders vaguely how the Euromillions winner might affect het marriage*

About as much as gay marriage would, I suppose. :-)

Cardinal Keith O'Brien turns out to have been born in Northern Ireland, then moved to Scotland as a child.


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Hmm. If I'd had to pick a part of the UK he might have been born in, I suppose I might have suggested Northern Ireland...

Oh well, any place that can also produce Ian Paisley...

O'Brien is a thoroughly nasty bit of work - cut from same cloth as the loathsome Sentamu. Church-going friends of mine in the York diocese detest Sentamu for his views, his media showboating and the fact he is apparently unpleasant to work and to deal with.

There are several other issues regarding news selection and the BBC. The UK media are notoriously lousy at covering foreign news. Somewhere I have a list that someone gave me - the gist of it is: One person dead in the UK = ten in France = 50 in America = 100 in China = 1000 in Africa. My memory isn't accurate, but you get the idea.

Marie Colvin got top billing as she was a female war reporter working for a UK newspaper (although she was American).

The BBC have got previous for selecting totally unsuitable 'experts' to comment on stories. They want someone quickly, who is 'rent a quote'. I'm a journalist, so very often I don't complain, as I know why they've made a choice, even if I don't agree with it. But I was driven to complain when they interviewed Stephen Green from Christian Voice about Elton John and David Furnish's child. Green is a one-man extremist band - and a wife-beater. I pointed out that I didn't recall the need for that sort of 'expert' when David Milliband and his wife adopted a child. Needless the say, the BBC response was mealy-mouthed and didn't address the issues I'd raised.

You know I agree with every damn word.

I've occasionally emailed the Beeb myself on this kind of subject. Never had a satisfactory response, though.

I abandoned Radio 4 for the World Service some years ago for this very reason; I was heartily sick of celebrity trivia masquerading as Important News. A girl's best friend, these days, is her DAB.

I get a lot of my news from the World Service, though my science and arts stuff from Radio 4. The World Service is not good for either.

Even the tabloid Radio 5Live led with the mortgage thing, and with the shooting oop North.

I had to look up Sentamu, and found that he claims that it's acting "like a dictator" to fail to enforce Biblical law. Occasionally Britain manages to outdo the US for religious craziness.

Sentamu is not exactly popular - I suspect he was appointed because the last Archbishop of York was a well known Liberal who didn't really believe in God...

And there was that lightning strike, and they're a bit worried that god was taking an interest.

At least using the internet allows one to pick the stories one wants to read. Had I been in charge, however, I would probably have led with the train crash, which is truly awful. But then, I have specialist knowledge ...

The World Service was leading with the train crash.

I sat next to someone gay in the theatre last night - ooh and come to think of it one of the actors on stage was in a civil partnership - and now I no longer believe in hetersexual marriage.

Trufax. How can you doubt the logic of that?

Mostly I thought my failure to settle down was due to the lack of suitable blonds, but as it turns out it's because there are gay people having civil partnerships. Next thing you know, my parents will be getting divorced.

(Deleted comment)
Marriage may be a sacrament in the Catholic church but Christianity did not invent it - we are talking here about civil marriage in which religion has no place whatsoever. He has no mandate - no-one elected him - and no right whatsoever for his opinion to be considered on a civil issue.

The BBC has a habit of giving far too much weight to stories about the Catholic church (possibly because the Director General is Catholic) considering the number of Catholics in the UK as a percentage of the population.

Nationally and internationally, there were far more important stories on that day than a bigot waffling about a subject - civil marriage - on which he should have no input.

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