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Ahh! I love his little white socks and neckerchief.

Did you bring him home yet, or do you have to wait?

He's only four weeks old!

I had four to pick from. It was really hard. But I love this one's boldness and he is so fat!

OMG, what's his name? What a little sweetie!

He hasn't got a name yet - though he will have a registered one in a few weeks. His breeders work on the 'through the alphabet by litter' basis (his mother was from their first Smoothie litter and is named Ariel.) We are still trying to think of an everyday name but we haven't actually chosen one yet. Sometimes we call him Clint, because 1) he is the puppy with no name and 2) my current obsession includes a 'Clint' of whom I am fond. However, this doesn't really fit him...

He is gorgeous! When do you get to bring him home?

Point that is moot. He will be ready in four weeks, but that is two weeks before Easter, when Ina, at least, will be at the Eastercon. I need to talk to his breeders about possibly holding him for an extra two weeks, but if not, not.

What a sweet baby! Love his little forehead stripe. (Just googled to see what an adult smooth collie looks like. So that stubby little tail will grow long and turn up at the end. Trusy you to get a rare breed dog.) When does he come to his new home?

His breeders have agreed to keep him until Easter Tuesday - which means he'll be ten weeks old rather than eight...


~tickles under chin~


How will the cats react to being herded?

Better than they do to being chased by the terrier.

Awww, puppy! (I'm sure the boys would disapprove, but the boys are flying to California almost as we speak...)

I'm sure the boys will love California.

Oh, he's adorable! And quite the camera star *g*.


He has very deep, reflective eyes, like he's thinking deep thoughts.


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