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Ina was off this afternoon at a meeting of the GCCF, which seems to have been pretty fucked up, as usual, though apparently the new chairperson whipped the mob into shape. One thing we learned was that the owner of Silkpaws Renegade, sire of a number of our Oriental litters, including the amazing Inazuma Lupin thefurred, and a wonderful person, has just died. Bugger.

Meanwhile the person I hoped to buy a puppy from has buggered me up and I will almost certainly have to go elsewhere.

It didn't help that, just before I received said e-mail from said puppy breeder, I had just been reading a fanfic that had me in floods of tears. Even worse, it was a bloody crossover. And a deathfic (actually, also, a Death fic.) *sigh*

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Ouch. *hugs* You need some serious cheering up! I'm sorry about the loss, seems to affect a lot of people. And really sad about the expected puppy, too. Annoying.


2012 really isn't being kind to a lot of my friends at the moment.

What sort of dog are you getting?

Hopefully, and eventually, a Smooth Collie.

I'm sorry about your friend, whom you will miss.

Also sorry about the puppy! You'll be starting all over again, I suppose.


I have some people in Lincolnshire to ring tomorrow...

Oh, that does sound like a stressful day. I hope tomorrow is better.

It just seems to be one bit of bad news after another at the moment. Can only hope the karma scales will decide to balance real soon.

Sorry about your friend - that's never a nice bit of news to get :-(

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