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Comic Book to Screen - a sort of side issue.
This morning, while browsing my friends of friends page, I found the new trailer for The Amazing Spiderman

I know that I muttered that any reboot needs to have something new to say and I admit not to having read Spider-man for many, many years, but did it have to be Daddy-issues? Aren't there enough of characters with these that you have create them? Yeah, in the words that Christos Gage put into Captain America's mouth, Peter "wears his need for a father figure on his sleeve" but that need is because of the death of his Uncle Ben (and it was Ben - as well as Gwen - who the Scarlet Witch created in The House of M) not his father or, indeed, his mother. Re-writing the origin's interesting, but Peter isn't one of Marvel's super-genius level characters and won't making him that alienate the very audiences Marvel recently reverted 30 years of comics history to keep by wiping out his marriage to MJ and his career - such as it is - as a schoolteacher?

fatpie42 was bemoaning the lack of wisecracks in the Raimi Spiderman movies, but this one seems to have fewer and more feeble jokes. Also, this actor is way, way too cute, tall and built for Peter Parker. Not particularly impressed. Yet.

On the other hand, The Avengers (extended) Superbowl trailer sort of shows what it might, just might, deliver.

Okay, I'm prejudiced. Anyone who looks at my collection of superhero comic book collected editions on Librarything (or knows about my passion for Justice League International) can see at once that I am all about the team dynamics (yes, and Batman is so about character interaction. Have you seen the size of the Batman supporting cast?). The Avengers was the first team book I fell in love with, way back in 1963, and I can still remember exactly when I saw, and bought, issue #4 Captain America Lives Again!. It's so beautifully cast, and there's the snappy dialogue - Tony Stark and Joss Whedon for the win!

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this one seems to have fewer and more feeble jokes

Eh? It had two, just in the trailer, and that's still two more than were in all three Raimi movies. (Unless you count Bruce Campbell's cameos. A sure sign that Bruce Campbell ought to have been playing the part of Spidey.)

The Avengers trailer looks okay, but in the end it looks like another Thor movie only with more explosions. Trailers can be deceiving I know, but if we are only basing our views on the trailers alone, the Spider-Man one seemed a lot more exciting to me.

And no, Peter Parker getting upset over his missing parents is not a diversion from the comics. When I started reading it was actually central to the storyline because his parents actually came back!

Peter isn't one of Marvel's super-genius level characters

He was in Raimi's movies, wasn't he? And didn't he analyse the alien material that made Venom in a laboratory? I don't know, for a non-super-genius he's exceptionally smart.

In any case, if fans could cope with Raimi completely changing the entire tone of Spider-Man, surely they can handle this movie changing some of the origin elements?

Actually, I've already seen complaints from the fanboys (i.e. not me, who has only seen Spider-man twice and Spider-man 2 once, and that a long time ago) that this movie is just the same old, same old, and, indeed "Where are the wisecracks like there were in the Raimi movie?" Personally, I didn't crack a smile in either trailer for this movie.

I liked the Thor movie, particularly as I thought it couldn't be done, let alone done well (and I did crack a number of smiles, particularly at the antics of the supporting characters). The two Avengers trailers - and what Whedon has said about what he is trying to do with the character dynamics - seems about right for The Avengers with these particular characters, (though I really, really don't think the Hulk works as a screen character, but that may be my prejudice as I have never liked the strip.)

Ah well, because my knowledge of Spider-man stems from the first hundred and fifty or so issues plus the occasional guest slots and appearances in the few 'events' I have bothered to follow, the first score or so issues of the New Avengers and a skimming various wikis, I bow to your superior knowledge. All the same, it was plainly introduced late and I am still very, very tired of this trope in US movies.

Hmm. The use of Loki is, among other things, a nod to Avengers #1 (and Loki has, and always has had, fans crawling out of the woodwork, particularly this version.) I actually think it's a good thing not to throw the whole damn Skrull-Kree war or Kang or someone else (who is available to Marvel) into this from the beginning. It's what I said about chucking everything into the first film and leaving nothing to follow.

"Where are the wisecracks like there were in the Raimi movie?" Personally, I didn't crack a smile in either trailer for this movie.

Well you wouldn't have cracked a smile during the first trailer because it didn't have any jokes in it. I suppose some fans might have liked the goofiness of the first Raimi movie, but it certainly didn't contain any wisecracks. Asides from Bruce Campbell's cameo I'd say the nearest thing to a wisecrack in Spider-Man 2 was when someone says to Spider-Man in a life "nice spidey outfit".

Anyway, I've heard that in the the longer clip of the new movie Spider-Man wisecracks "oh no, a gun! My only weakness!" and of course in the actual trailer there's the line "How many cops do you know who dress in spandex?" I thought that was a lot closer to the humour of Spider-Man from the comics. Of course, Spider-Man isn't comedy and the majority of the trailer is more focussed on the action side of things. I don't know about the humour being feeble, but even feeble is a step up from non-existent.

The two Avengers trailers - and what Whedon has said about what he is trying to do with the character dynamics - seems about right for The Avengers with these particular characters

Oh don't get me wrong. I have faith that Joss Whedon is going to give us something really special. Plus (unlike Captain America) I really enjoyed Thor. I thought it was a good solid movie and I had a good time watching it. I'm actually hoping for more like (at very least) "Iron Man" levels of quality though and the trailer certainly doesn't give me the impression we are likely to get that. But trailers can be deceiving. The thing is though, I thought the Spider-Man trailer looked brilliant. I found it hit all the right notes with me and that bit where a tower falls on Spider-Man was just jaw-dropping. So by comparison, The Avengers trailer was mostly explosions; just like the trailers for Transformers 3 and Battleship.

But yeah, I suppose I'm more likely to get fanboy glee for Spider-Man since, asides from one old hardback Incredible Hulk comic (which oddly didn't feature Bruce Banner at all), I'm completely unfamiliar with The Avengers. (Though I have seen that cartoon movie.)

P.S. Just for clarification, I'm unfortunate enough to be most familiar with the Spider-Man comics during a period which many fans actually want to forget. I started reading right slap bang in the middle of the whole clones storyline.

BTW (cause this is bugging me) are you absolutely sure that you weren't misreading the comments. Here's where I saw the trailer:

And the comments I can see regularly here are:
"On top of that, Spidey is finally a wise-ass!"

"i see he has his Intelligence,Wise Cracking Wit and Home Made Web-Shooters Back.....Please God....i Hope they Give his "Spider-Senses" Back Too."

"The witty line was only one of many, he will be a complete wise-ass throughout the film."

"Oh, it's good to see a 'wisecracking' Spidey for a change."

"I do like how Spider-man is a wisecracker in costume. I'm still not a fan of the costume, or of them saying its an 'untold' story. But I think I just might watch this."

"Why is everyone so against change ? Raimi's films were good while they lasted but this is a new take on the character. Give it a chance people. Who knows it may be even better than the Raimi versions. I am a huge fan of Spider-Man and one thing that has really won me over is the fact he obviously wise-cracks. Tobey was ok as Spider-Man but even when I was 12, I was like that is not Spider-Man. He did not have the wit like this new one. So go into this with an open mind. "

"Spidey being a wise-ass is just Peter being nervous and immature, in a funny way. Spidey is and should always be a wise-ass.

The joke in the car isn't the funniest joke in this movie (I know there are funnier jokes that hasn't been showed in this trailer) but at least it beats everything Tobey EVER did as Spidey."

"do u see the scene where spidey joking with the cops thats spidey personality tobey maguire was dull shit and hardly said any jokes"

Now sure, not EVERYONE is buying into the humour. However, I cannot see ANYONE in those comments saying "Raimi's version had more jokes".

Have you see how fast these comments were coming? At the time I was reading them there was a new one about every five seconds, and that was yesterday morning. Different time, different set of fans.

Oh, and that's not the only place I was looking at comments, either.

Edited at 2012-02-08 03:55 pm (UTC)

It's not about how fast the comments were coming. I got those quotes by searching the entire list of comments for that vide for the words "jokes" and "wisecracks". The point is that out of all those fans NONE of them were saying what you said you read and TONS of them were saying the opposite.

I'm inclined to believe that the comments you read were most likely from trolls deliberately saying the opposite of everyone else to wind people up.

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