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Posting a bit more delayed
I will let you have details tomorrow. Suffice to say that I am now getting my act together but at one point today I was seriously considering taking this new machine back, because someone (apparently a Polish someone) had been secretly playing with it. What's more, the sod had set himself up as a sys admin... Eventually, I had to restore the beast to its factory settings. Luckily, it worked.

(No reflection on Sony, who offered immediatly to take it back and to try and get me another one, which was a bit of a problem as finding this one had been difficult.

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My new netbook (last May) was about the last in the country, so I'm not sure what I'd have done if someone had been playing silly buggers like that. I did con the shop into setting it up for me (to prove it was working right), so maybe I'd have escaped...

Even so, all the after-loading and preference-setting was hell. And its Windows 7 was different from the Windows 7 on my notebook. And the MS Office 07 (same licence) worked differently too... Boy, I'm grinding my teeth.

Deep, deep sympathy!

Luckily, I made a recovery disk before I was even really sure what had happened, and when I buggered Windows completely (and it doesn't seem to be as flexible as the Windows 7 Home on my last computer) I reloaded the factory settings. All this took ages and Ina feeding me a gin and tonic probably helped my nerves, but this seems to have worked. I now have Firefox, the most important of my bookmarks, have McAfee set up properly (though I normally use AVG, I will probably keep it for the next year or so) and will load Office and my backed up files today.
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It was a very fraught Sunday. Monday is much better. All docs and photos now on the computer, plus Office 2007. This computer has a keyboard with a light under it - now that's disconcerting!

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