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Posting will be delayed
My laptop, only just over 2 years old (and naturally out of warranty) has caused me trouble from the day I bought it, and now, besides having its keys worn smooth and having lost a key, announced last week that the battery needed replacing and has now announced that the hard drive is fucked. Luckily, I am backed up pretty much in respect of text and pictures. I bought this particular high spec Samsung because my last little laptop from them was wonderful. No more. To be frank, it isn't worth going through the expense and hassle of replacing the bits and getting them to work.

So I have bought a new laptop, a medium spec Sony Vaio. However, tomorrow and possibly Monday is going to be spent setting it up. (Luckily, I have a spare Microsoft Office licence somewhere.) So there is not going to be a lot of posting, and I really cannot remember my Flickr password, so that is going to be interesting.

This post courtesy of Ina's low spec Tosh...

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I'm amazed it's only lasted two years - you should complain to the manufacturer. I've got old laptops still working that are ten years and seven years old (not brilliantly, but they're still going, apart from the batteries, one cracked screen and a few connections). And I have two Dells that are going strong, both about five years old, never given any trouble whatsoever.

Must admit, I wouldn't have gone with a Sony myself - probably an Acer, as they seem to be pretty good these days. What sort of spec has it got? I'd love another laptop, but I can't justify it because I've already got two Dells and two netbooks *g*

Well done for backing your stuff up, though - so many don't bother, and it's a pain to lose things that can't be easily replaced, like photos and fic.

I like setting up new machines or reinstalling old ones, I have to admit.You get to start afresh with a shiny new OS, and being a Linux user makes it dead easy as well.

My other Samsung (just up from a netbook) was a wonderful beastie. This one was an impulse buy - high spec, dead cheap for high spec. and a pain in the arse.

I bought a Sony because there have been good reviews of the later Vaios, and because they have always had a high build quality. Also, I actually bought this one from Sony, and know I can return it directly to the store if I need to complain. (The last one was bought from PC World, and though I've impulse-bought from Dixons in the distant past with great results, this wasn't as good an experience.)

The new Vaio has an Intel CORE i5 processor, 6 Gig of RAM and a 640 Gig disk, Blu-ray drive, 15.5 inch screen, and, importantly for me, a full keyboard with number pad and scroll keys. Though it was in the sale, it wasn't exactly cheap. One thing I liked was that the conversation I had with the store manager was informative and made no bones about what sort of spec I needed. I don't play games or do Web-design, so was firmly steered away from a higher processor in favour of more RAM and disk space for the photo work.

Sounds like a nice machine. And it's always good when you have someone selling it to you who obviously knows their business and wants to actually serve your interests - something of a rarity these days!

Let's hope it lives up to expectations :-)

I was buying my e-reader at the same time - the girl selling it to me was very good - though a bit distracted when she realised that Lil was seriously looking at a laptop - her bad luck picking the customer who'll yield less commission ;)

That sounds very similar to the company Vaio that bunn has and she's very happy with it.

Congrats. The Vaio is a nice thing. Have fun setting it up. Odd with the Samsung, btw, they're usually very reliable.

Yes, I agree. My last little 12" Samsung was a joy - and probably still works, though I haven't had it out of its case in a while, none of its software is up to date, and it was getting very slow. This one must have been a 'friday afternoon' machine or something.

Yup. Or a Monday morning (that's what they are here, Monday made...)

Everybody in Japan had Vaio, Toshiba or Samsung which sort of proves their value. Nobody there would put up with faulty computers. (And I lurrrrve my Toshibas!)

Try and format the 12" perhaps, and give it a ram upgrade? Sounds like a handy size for travelling.

Sorry about the slyly-just-out-of-warranty laptop. :( I had one die on me like that last year. It's almost like there's a tiny explosive device, timed to detonate at a specific time.

I loved my Sony VAIO. It's still working after seven years. Unfortunately, I gave it away to a friend, thinking it was "time for a new laptop" -- that was the laptop that died on me. The Sony is still going strong. lol

I'm sorry to hear about the laptop -- that's a pain. I hope the new one is much better.
(Mine is an HP, it's now about 5 years old, and it's never been any trouble at all. Nice little machine.)

I've had good experience with HP desk top machines.

They're solid machines. And their printers are great. We've had 4, I think, and they've all been utterly reliable.

I has an early Sony Vaio back in 2002. I loved it. It was never less than 100% reiable. Good luck with it.

My 1st laptop was a Tosh with a nipple-mouse - weird but good once you got used to it. I replaced it with another Tosh on household insurance after a tea spill because my brother was using Toshes for his work, taking them round the world to satellite launch sites like Devil's Island and Baikanur.

But when it was nicked, I couldn't resist a baby (then-2006) Vaio (11"), again using the house insurance which is on its second battery and could probably do with some hard disk maintenance but otherwise going strong. And I may have inherited a newer 14-ish inch Vaio which should let me keep this one for basic reading and writing. But then I have a Sony fetish. ;)

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