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One man and his dog this ain't
Just posted on a facebook group of which I am a member, this video of a seven year old Smooth Collie dog encountering sheep for the first time...

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If those sheep aren't hysterical with anxiety by now they must be very experienced - but if that dog's never herded anything before, he does seem to have the right idea. Excellent response to commands, it seemed. Would that be right? (Now if my sister's dog had ever sat down like that - and so promptly! - when signalled, she would have fallen over with surprise.)

If you look at the start of the vid, there is a group of three Border Collies off to the left, so I presume that the owner is actually reasonably experienced in sheep herding - and so, probably, are the sheep.

Our sheep-herding dogs are a lot more tactful with their animals. Maybe it's our phlegmatic Estonian temperament.

So are ours - but the point is that this is a dog bred to herd sheep that had not been given the chance before.

Well, he has the idea, even if he does want to herd his handler, too. And he's very good with her commands. Smart breed.

Very. That's why I want one.

Those poor sheep. You can almost hear them thinking he should get on with it properly

Yep. There are Border Collies off to the left, so I suspect the sheep are used to being herded properly.

I think the sheep are all 'Feckin' amateur' ;-)

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