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Last year, this year, sometime, never
lonely winter
Well, the only thing of note that I did last year was to write 70,000 or so words of fiction. This year is actually getting round to submitting it...

On the other hand, I made a lot of new friends, though, which is good, took a fair number of photographs.

I set up an AO3 account and started transferring my old fanfic there. (I also set up a Facebook account, but that has more to do with people and closed groups that aren't on LJ.)

We lost two cats, Quillan and Xolo, to cancer after, in both cases, long illnesses. (Thank Ghu for Petplan.) Both are much missed. Flash, on the other hand, became a Premier, even though we only attended one show.) All four remaining cats continued to thrive.

What we didn't do was all the work that needs doing on the house and garden, and this is now, I suppose, our first priority...