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Oh my aunt!
At 5am this morning, a cat wrapped all its claws around my arm and it took me twenty minutes to stop the bleeding. (Note to self: find one of the dozen pairs of claw clippers around the house.

At 11 am - frantically trying to pack something to take to the post office with Ina nagging me about catching the dog and the front comes off the dresser drawer where we keep the important stuff and I still haven't got it back on.

At 4:15 coming back from walking the dog, notice that said dog is lagging and limping. Take a look at dog's paw, which is spewing blood. Panic. Take dog home. Unable to stop bleeding with pressure. Ring vet. Told to bring him in. Lose car key, then, coming down stairs, stand on ball thrower and fall last three steps, wrenching shoulder. Not sure what it is going to be like in the morning. Still,it stood up to drive. Dog now at vets' needing stitching and therefore anaesthetic because Carole-the-vet would like to keep her hand. Unable to find current insurance schedule for dog, but do find original schedule so have policy number -- and find payment record so Ina probably renewed. (Hopefully, as out-of-hours starts at over £100.)

Now home. Plans in tatters. Chinese takeaway postponed and we are having carrot soup. Can't drink as may have to pick up dog from vet sometime tonight... Or maybe Petplan are going to have to pick up the tab for an overnighter. Cats have arrived to celebrate absence of dog.

Ow, all right. Hope you soon feel less frazzled and that the doggie is ok, not to mention your arm and shoulder. Crap happens in threes so hopefully that's you done for a while...

I have a feeling my shoulder will be in a state tomorrow. Draco is stitched and bandaged. But home.

Oh good lord: what a day....

Hope that the various injuries, both human and canine, are better tomorrow!

Thank you. We shall see. Draco is home safe and much bandaged. Apparently he also has a cut in his mouth...

Oh, my. Best advice seems to stay very still and wait for the day to be over. You poor thing. I hope you don't hurt too much, and that LDD is going to be well.

LDD has a bandaged leg and lots of tablets to take. Currently he is sulking under the sofa. I don't think I am going to be able to move my left arm tomorrow.

Ouch! I hope that these are all your misfortunes for a very long time--and that the various injuries heal soon.

Bloody hell, poor you!!!

And poor doggie.

Hope you're both better soon.

Doggie came through the stitching fine. He is currently under the sofa with a heavily bandaged front leg. We need to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't chew it...

Of my shoulder we will not speak.

I hope the rest of your day is better, or at least less eventful.

Thank you.

Draco is home safe.

Yikes! That's a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and no mistake! May tomorrow (and indeed, every day for a good long while) be better.

Thank you. Draco is home and stitched. We have decided to go ahead with the Chinese, despite the fact that this means eating at about 9pm...

Oh poor Draco. I hate days like this.

Draco is sitting under the sofa looking gloomily at a leg wrapped in bandage and tape. We are still to face the dreaded Elizabethan collar and taping a baggie over his bandage everytime he goes into the garden.

Muchest sympathy for the murphy's law day. Hope things get and stay better.

Thank you. Draco thanks you too. He is learning how to walk on a heavily bandaged front leg.

What a day! Perhaps you'd better not move for a while, even if your shoulder will let you. When you can move, find those claw clippers! I hope you heal up soon. (Read Ina's post on LDD - I'd wondered if it was glass. Hard to avoid all the noxious rubbish people leave around.)

He also has a tiny cut on his hip and the vet found a cut on his tongue - we think from getting the glass out from his paw.

Oh dear.

Best wishes for a quick recovery to both you and Draco!

Very good dog Draco (we sometimes sing the chorus of your song at him, and occasionally substitute the word 'good' with, er, something else) is all stitched up, bandaged and under the sofa. As for my shoulder - I'll let you know tomorrow.

Ow! Doesn't Real Life have the most immaculately crap timing... I hope things will be better before Christmas, at least! Sympathies to Draco for the paw, and to you for the shoulder.

Doesn't Real Life have the most immaculately crap timing

I'll drink to that. In fact, I think I already have.

If it wasn't for the blood and the pain it sounds like the script of a Carry On film. All it needs is a banana skin (and possibly a nurse with a daffodil) to make it complete. What a day! Hope you both recover quickly.

Our household often sounds like a Carry On film, or possibly HMS Troutbridge.

Oh, ouch. Poor all of you.

You poor thing! I'm glad that LDD is mostly all right, hope that you and ina have a chance to recover before the next pet-related incident. Though I am laughing at the celebrating cats ... so very Cat.

Our cats are the essence of cat. *grin*