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Watching Chemsford I-2-3
Oh, bwahhahahahhah.

I remembered this was funny. I'd just forgotten how funny. And, for that matter, how accurate!

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That's what you get from having Cambridge classicists as writers and stars...

The fact that they are also comic geniuses helped.

It was a work of genius. Is it now out on dvd? If so, I must get it for the marquis.

Yes! Both seasons and cheap. It came out this summer, but, despite having had alerts on for ages on Amazon and Play it had been so long since they first announced it (about five years) that that had all lapsed.

It was only when one of my flist mentioned, in passing, that they had been watching it, that I dashed off to Play.com,found it and ordered it!

Aha! I will go and order it at once.

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