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Sometimes it's right to worry...
This morning, checking my flist, I noticed a post from zanda_myrande worrying about the fact that Chris Croughton/Keris/keristor had not been heard from since Thursday lunchtime, and had not arrived in the hotel in Germany where he was supposed to be staying over the weekend.

I then spent a happy day at Discover Dogs, only to come home to find that the news of Keris was the very worst - he was killed in a head-on collision on the road on Thursday afternoon (when it was getting dark and foggy and the roads were wet and slippery.)

I have known Chris from the early days of filk fandom, though not particularly well. He was a hell of a nice guy, and he was one of the best technicians in the fandom, as well as an excellent singer. He and I disagreed about many things, but he was a fine person to argue with; intelligent, even tempered and reasonable. I am so very glad that the last exchange we had was one where we were in total agreement.

Cars are so safe nowadays with airbags and seat belts and crumple zones and impact cages that one simply does not expect this to happen, particularly to someone you know and like. I certainly didn't expect it. I thought he'd probably just gone down with the lurgy or something...

Rest in peace, Keris. We will all miss you.
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Oh, dear, I am sorry.

As you - almost - say, we worry needlessly and then we don't worry, and that's wrong too. Human beings are both so tough and so fragile, and life is so full of arbitrary things, it makes your head spin even just thinking about it philosophically. But when it up and hits you personally like this, it can really leave you reeling.

I am sorry to hear that. *hugs*

I don't think we knew him, although the name is faintly familiar, but what a tragic thing to happen to anybody. My sympathies to everyone who knew him.

I think you and Judy had stopped going to cons by the time Keris became a feature of the sound desk.

The last exchange I had with him was about albino squirrels, which is not the worst last recollection to have.

My last exchange with him was on your LJ, about Hitler's speeches and the way the effect on the crowd is the same with some evangelical preachers and at some types of music concerts.

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I'm sorry. Being able to disagree politely is an unusual art; I'm sorry that the world has lost one of the few people who can do that.

I'm also sorry for you and everyone who knew him, especially his family.

He was one of the many people who regarded filk fandom as his second family - he did so much for the fandom and the individuals in it...

I'm truly sorry at the loss of your friend. I know it must be very painful.

Dreadful news. I met Chris once, some years ago. Damn.

What sad news! I don't know him, though the name is familiar from convention listings, but any sudden and untimely death is a shock.

If you ever saw a shortish, roundish person with a bit of a stammer and a laugh that shook his whole body at a sound desk at a convention, it was probably Chris. It's not only filk that will miss his skills.

It's very sad: I heard on Saturday, at Novacon and was stunned. I didn't know him well, but I liked him -- a genuinely decent man who will leave a big gap behind.

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