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(no subject)
The two insect blue-light incinerators that came in this box have proved totally useless, but Flash disagrees about the box!

Flash in the Box 1

Autumn has arrived, and the hornbeam woods are once again wonderfully gold...

Sun and Shadow

Golden Seat

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Those are *lovely* pictures!

That is one very fine box.

It is a very fine box indeed. (I almost suspect him of watching Maru videos.)

After I did an "internal move" to get carpets laid down, there were a lot of boxes left over. Mokka decided to take over one in the living room, so it's still there.

Oh my, so beautiful! (The woods. Flash is charming, but not working on looking his best and coolest. This is my box. Gerroff!)

Pictures like those of the hornbeam woods remind me of the good parts of having an appalling winter: the revelations of autumn. The upside of dying.

Yes, that's definitely a "This is my box. Gerroff!" look he's giving us...

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