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Bloated [but clever] capitalists
I have just posted the following comment on shiv5468's journal about the City Corporation's offer to the anti-Capitalist protesters. Please note that I am as against some of the actions of the hedge funds, investment bankers, speculators etc etc as anyone else. I just admire political cleverness...

I actually think that the City Corporation have been extraordinarily crafty. The offer is win/win for them and lose/lose for the protesters.

Firstly, the offer makes them look reasonable and stops a big quarrel with the Archbish.

The main craftiness is, however, this. If the protesters accept the offer then they can remain until January but also agree to make Paternoster Square more accessible. They then cease to be news. Life goes on as normal and they disappear from the media.

If they then renege on the agreement, they look appalling, and no-one objects very much to the city chucking them out.

Or they go quietly and no-one takes any notice of them.

If they refuse the Corporation's kind offer, they look totally unreasonable, and the Corporation chucks them out without too much protest even from The Guardian. Once gone, they also cease to be news.

Or possibly the Corporation just waits until it gets really cold - something that has happened early the last two years and may well this - then clears them out because they are endangering themselves and others (if they haven't left already.) If the evictions are done at night in the dead of winter there isn't going to be much fuss, because very few people will actually be there.

Problem in dealing with bloated Capitalists is that some of them are very smart.

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If they weren't clever they wouldn't be rich and powerful either.

I see you've not met my clients then. Rich as anything but haven't got two brain cells to rub together.

Hedgies are the worst tbh

Note that I said "some" not "all."

Presumably the bright ones are too involved in shadowy conspiracy to take tax advice

I reckon it was the lawyers advising them that got clever!

(Deleted comment)
It is, isn't it? It's one of sallymn's. So is this.

I notioce the Cathedral hierarchy hasn't been nearly so clever - or, possibly, just focussed.

They don't appear to have been thinking at all. I could now make a snarky comment about them being theologians an' all...

I think they should take the deal; go somewhere warm for the winter and let the Occupiers who live in warmer climates carry the flag for a few months. See today's Guardian for the OccupyOakland strike that closed the 5th largest US port for a day. My grandson was there; said it was brilliant - his mother was a wreck until he got home however. Does the deal preclude their starting up again in the spring?

They won't be allowed to set up again, and they know it. There was a big protest camp up in Parliament Square for ages. It's no longer there, and anyone who tries to set up gets moved on sharpish.

Yep. I am reminded of the ways that the aristocracy manoeuvred in the very early stages of the French Revolution (notably the way the 3rd Estate was locked out of their meeting hall). In that case, the protesters turned out to be even more clever. I am hoping... (Not for full-blown revolution, she added hastily. No blood, please, we're British.)

The current tactic seems to be to keep nattering and not replying to the City Corporation in the hope that that keeps them in the media headlines. It's not going to work for long, though I hope they realise how they have been trapped.

Unfortunately, from the comments from spokespersons this lunchtime, I doubt it.

Problem in dealing with bloated Capitalists is that some of them are very smart.

Which is of course how they come to be bloated Capitalists in the first place - unfortunately for the rest of us.

The problem is that the press is owned by rich people.

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