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Thank you
Thank you all for your comments (and hugs) about Xolo. They are all much appreciated.

Xo as a kitten


As a young cat

Xolo - Seductive Sprawl

A few weeks ago

Xolo on the Sofa

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She was a very beautiful lady.

I've only just caught up properly... I'm so sorry you had to let her go. What a sweetie she was, so cute.

She was a sweet cat, but she did once steal a piece of fresh tuna off Ina's fork as she was waving it around, making a point.

A pretty kitty and knew it from those expressions. I'm sorry she had to leave you.

Hmm. Our Orientals are known as 'the Mafia' which might give you a clue as to their capacity for mischief.

Oh, happy LOVELY pictures.

She was an extraordinary looker, your lovely Xolo.

Oh what a cute kitten. With those enormous ears...

Your cats always look to me like the Platonic cat. Like the Essence of Catness.

Well, they are Orientals and that's Siamese without the points. I love the elegance of the breed(s) though the triangular head is, of course, a matter of taste.

Xolo was a great shape, but she lost her spots very early, so her show career was cut short. She had terrific kittens, though.

As said before, such a beautiful cat (and kitten)!

Wish I knew something better to say.

We both know what it's like to lose our animal friends and the continual worry when one is sick in the long term.

Believe me, everyone's support is appreciated.

I too have only just caught up. I've tried to tell Wong! the sad news ...

Wong! loved his mum. Alternative view is that he just liked to be in a cat pile...

How Many

Oh! What a beautiful picture! No wonder Wong! is lonely with only one kitty friend ...

Well, Wong! is only a teenager himself in this shot, and he is with his mother, granny, and brother and sister. (Note, as Ina points out, that Kurt is plugged into the milk bar.)

(Deleted comment)
She was a bit under her mother's paw (we lost Pyanfar at about this time last year) but then they all were. She loved being combed and stroked, and she could keep the lads in line.

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