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Alistair-the-vet phoned this morning. Though Xolo's blood readings had dropped, they were still well above normal, and showed no signs of falling further. It was Alistair's opinion that if we took her home, we would be back next week with a cat just as sick as she had been last Monday, and that was very sick.

She wasn't going to get better, and taking her home would just make her suffer so we could spend time saying goodbye. It was hard, because the treatment had reduced her pain and she was more lively than she had been for weeks, but there was nothing of her. So this afternoon we went to the vets, cuddled her for ten minutes, then Alistair used the drip feed to put her to sleep. Unlike her mother, she went easily.

More later.
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Oh I'm so sorry. It's a heartbreaking decision to make, but you know you did the right thing. Sometimes the best thing we can do for our friends is to let them go with kindness.

Thank you. I know we did the right thing but...

I saw her born, damn it!

I'm so sorry. What terrible pain. My heart goes out to you.
Martha and Neri

Oh dear. *hugs* It's horrible, even when you know it's the right thing to do.

I'm so very sorry. Even when it's the only kind thing to do, it still breaks your heart.

That's a shame, but you were right to do it and spare her more pain.And you were with her, that's what counts.


I'm so very sorry. It's heartbreaking at any time, but especially so when they still seem perky. Knowing it was the kindest thing is still no consolation.

I'll be thinking of both you and Ina.

*Hugs* for both you and Ina. Even knowing it was the kindest thing to do doesn't make it any easier.

It's a sad day for both of us *hugs*

I'm really sorry to hear that, but I'm sure you've done the right thing. RIP, Xolo.

I'm glad she passed easily but so sorry.

Goodbyes always hurt.

My heartfelt sympathies - I wish I could have been with Kosh, and I'm glad you could be with Xolo. My thoughts are also with the rest of you.

I know exactly what you mean. The one cat we couldn't be with was the one put down while still under general anaesthetic, and she is the one I regret most. (That she was still young - only eight - and an absolute sweetie to whom I had had to refuse her favourite treats before she went in didn't help. Or that she had been entered for her first Imperial class at the club show two days later.)


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