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Now it can be told (apparently)
I hope you are all on lj_maintenance but if you aren't then


and, as I suspected, the wild comments about security that were circulating are incorrect. Yes, it must have looked odd, but the screams of "LJ are screwing us, move to Dreamwidth!" turned out to totally alarmists. There are some people who take every single opportunity to diss LJ.

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Which is why I steadfastly stay on LJ and ignore Dreamwidth ...! LJ has its faults, not least the lousy communication with customers (which I see they acknowledge), but I do find the holier-than-thou attitudes of some folk on Dreamwidth very tiresome.

While I admit to liking Archive of Our Own, I remember that both LJ and IJ started in the same way as Dreamwidth and they will all end up in the same place. Also, I dislike the Dreamwidth interface and think that sooner or later they are going to run into trouble with the US authorities over both copyright issues (scans_daily is now there and that has already dodged several copyright legal challenges) and underage sex issues.

Also, I have a personal dislike of some of the movers and shakers over that way.

I signed up for AO3 and got some of my main series fic up there, but found it slow going and haven't been back for a while to do the next batch.

I don't find Dreamwidth particularly intuitive to use. And I really don't like the constant sniping at LJ from certain parties over there, or the smugness that emerges from some people.

Oh the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

Or something.

I do find the holier-than-thou attitudes of some folk on Dreamwidth very tiresome. Me too. There's reasonable consideration for other people's feelings, and then there's sucking all the joy out of life.

I always know when LJ has screwed up, because I get an e-mail from Dreamwidth giving me lots of new codes. If I was prone to conspiracy theories I might wonder about cause and effect/chickens and eggs...

I have two DW accounts, but mostly forget to use them - and certainly don't have time to scroll through my f-list on a daily basis.

I suspect LJ are rather glossing over some issues, and their communication with customers is abysmal, but I'm not intending to go anywhere.

I just wish they'd stop farting around with needless changes and constantly breaking stuff. I feel like I'm playing LJ lottery every time I post something!

They don't, of course, have the resources of Facebook and they have the example of Myspace which has lost huge numbers of its user base because it couldn't keep up.

Re: My immediately recent experience

Which is very odd, because (as you'll see if you scroll down my journal page) my journal is photo heavy and I've had no trouble at all. This could be because I upload to Flickr and then copy the HTML, but I haven't had any trouble with all my new userpics either. Of course, LJ's own photo upload is appalling, but I abandoned that several years ago for that very reason. Haven't tried Photobucket, but Ina has just abandoned that for Flickr...

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