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It's tentatively good news. She looks a lot better, one of the two key indicators in her bloods is way down, the other has reduced. Neither are back to normal, but, hey, it's good. She has eaten, even if only chicken and wet kidney-friendly food.

We took her son, Kurt, in this morning for his injections, and they brought his mum through to see him and us. She looked miles better. Of course, we won't know until Friday whether this is enough to save her for the time being, but things are more hopeful, and we want her back!
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That sounds positive. My best wishes for Xolo's continued improvement, and return home.

I'm glad there's improvement, and hope she makes it through this time.

Yes! Xolo must come home!

Yay for good news!

It's hopeful news - thinking good thoughts for Xolo.

Poor--and lucky--kitty.

I'm glad to hear that she's improving.

Keeping everything crossed for Xolo!

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