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Warning! To everyone who knows my personal email under my real name
If you get an e-mail from my real name AOL e-mail it is SPAM.

For some reason, a lot of people on my e-mail list,including suppliers, seem to have been sent an e-mail,

Be aware that I did not send this email.

Am investigating.

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Look at your "autorepond for vacation" information. What they often do is hack into Yahoo and Gmail accounts, then change your autoresponder to "on" and then paste their spam into the autoresponse. I've had this happen to me.

The AOL situation is slightly different, but if that is what they did, then the 'mail away' is now back to normal.

I keep suspecting a C-A-T but I honestly don't see how they could have sent an e-mail to practically every address on my contacts list.

I doubt the kitties have yet figured out CC-mail ... at least I hope not. When cats get a taste for spamming, we're all in big trouble.

I'm not familiar with AOL, but that would have been my guess. The little jerks find ways to do everything these days. *groan*

Have you gotten enough information to tell whether they actually broke into your account or are just impersonating you?

Looks like that, if it wasn't a cat playing with the keyboard or AOL messing up (by no means impossible) my account must have been hacked. Password change, I guess.

Got it, deleted it, hadn't had chance to flag it up to you.

There seems to have been a lot of this about recently.

I've changed my password and checked Melody's suggestion. If they did it that way, it's back to normal.

I got it 30 minutes after it was sent - it's so useful being able to yell across the room "OI! Lil! Why are you sending me spam mail?"

Cue panic.

Well, we didn't get it. I hope you get to the root of it soon.

Ugh - sorry to hear that! Hope it gets fixed soon.

According to phoebesmum it's an AOL quirk. I've changed my password on principle...

This has happened to me a couple of times with AOL, so far with no noticeable ill-effects (their spamdesk said "It happens, don't worry"). I was annoyed, though, given that the messages were ill-spelt and ungrammatical, that a few people thought they actually came from me.

Got it, flagged it up and sent it back to you. Did not go to the link, of course. Good luck clearing it up.

I was impersonated about 4 years ago and my email address was used to send bulk spam. My first inkling was getting 10,000 returned emails a day. I'm still getting repercussions and my domain name seems to be blacklisted on some servers still which means that mail with attachments over a few K randomly evaporates, which means myemail is unreliable. Grump! Unfirtunately it was my main business URL, so I can't just walk away from it.

It will be a pain to have to change that particular address, which I have had since I came onto the internets.

So far nothing is coming back except responses from concerned friends, and one (major) bookselling net.

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