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Writer's Block: International Skeptics Day
What are you skeptical about? (religion, ghosts, Toddlers and Tiaras, etc.)

Everything for which there is no good evidence - so everything supernatural. (And yes, that includes all religion.)

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Flying saucers.

Which sometimes gives people pause, if they know I read science fiction. My response to that is, "Yes, I read a lot of science fiction. This means that I understand the difference between science fiction and fantasy."

A very well known British amateur astronomer, broadcaster, occasional SF writer for children (and National Institution) once remarked that, "If you don't see any unidentified objects you aren't looking up at the sky." He went on to clarify this by pointing out that most people can't identify what they see in the sky at any time and that if there were any real spacecraft out there they would have been spotted and photographed by one of the many telescopes, manned by pros and amateurs, pointed at the sky.

Human beings are extremely unreliable witnesses at the best of times, and so recently evolved that it's not surprising that these very new huge brains with their odd programming malfunction occasionally quite a lot.

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