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Recasting Your Prose As Poetry
There is an interesting meme running round the writers on my flist about seeing your prose in a new way by recasting it as poetry verse. Most people seem to be using the opening paragraphs, so I guess I might try doing the same...

A Wind of Warning

...Much troubled by demons,
and suspecting them
as minions of some terrible spirit,
plea had been made for aid...

The book was as brittle
as a sandsnake's
skeleton in
Caris's long fingers.

Its print, woodcut in
a language changed by time
until it was at
the very edge
of his understanding,

was so faded that
he had to hold
it within a beam
of sunlight dropping

the clerestory window
to distinguish any words,
let alone make sense of them.

Cold Justice

Whatever was blocking the sewer
had done a comprehensive job,
Giscalir decided, as he led the way through
the maze below Kuturin's streets.

The soft white glow of the lightstones
glittered on slimy brick,
but water had plainly stopped
flowing some time ago.

Even the fetid air was still,
with the only sound that
of the drying sludge
sucking hopefully at their waders.

Didn't know our vermin control was this effective, either.

The Bindings of Honour

The banshee wind
howled for Fran's soul
even as her feet
slipped on wet granite.

She swung outwards
into the rain needles
then back to slap
her feet against
the cliff face.

Below them the sea
slavered about
the island's teeth
which, no doubt,

had already ground
the boat to splinters,
if it had ever been
left on the beach

as promised by those
too co-operative fishermen.

I always suspected that modern free verse ("Playing tennis without a net," according to Robert Frost) was just prose in short lines. This is indeed so. On the other hand, it's given me an insight into some stripping some words out of these.

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On the other hand,
Writing comments as haiku
Can be sort of fun.

I must have a play tomorrow, but I suspect my prose won't work half so well as poetry as yours does. :)

Also opening with dialogue is fine for a story, but not so much in a poem.

Hopeless for a verse, really. Opening with a text being read doesn't work either.

Still, it's an interesting exercise, and it's highlighted some placeholder words for me.

Actually, there's a rather lovely rhythm to those.

Thank you, but it's mainly counting syllables...

Modern free verse
Is just prose
In short lines.


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