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Well done!

Jenson drove an excellent race - he really is gentle on his tyres. I hope he has enough fuel for the car to weigh out.

Seb was both sensible enough to make sure of points and the world championship, but aggressive when he had to be.

Points for Schumy and Rosberg.

That's what I like to see.

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I've been watching the rugby but saw the F1 result. Will watch the highlight show at 2:40 on BBC1.

Gutted about The Springboks loosing to Australia by just 2 points in a game they dominated possession but could not convert many scoring opportunities. :0/

Great race. Jenson is doing so well, I'd love to see him finish out the season with more wins, but now the millstone of ensuring the championship is off Seb's neck, we might see him willing to get into more serious fights.

Not sure what Lewis needs to do, without the spark he's flat, but using that energy gets him into trouble - at least where the stewards (or the other drivers) are watching him so closely. Great result for Mercedes. Would have liked to see Paul DiResta nab a point, but Renault and Sauber made a good fight of it in the mid-field. Great show all round.

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