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While watching quali this morning, I had to ask myself whether Lewis ever looks in his mirrors....

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Clearly not! Mr FB was most unimpressed and felt Mercedes should have protested him for blocking.

I want to know if he ever listens to his radio! His pit were telling him he needed to get a move on to get his last lap in and yet when he crossed the line, too late, he was behind the two guys he'd been ahead of when he came out of the pits.

Oh dear. Given that you need up to 2 minutes to get round on an out lap without wrecking the tyres to cross the line, it's not that hard to figure out that 6 cars, all leaving the pits with 2 minutes left aren't all going to get round in time. I know they all want to be the last one to cross the line, but there's no point in not making it at all.

Having said that, the whole 'we told him not to let anyone in front of him' is nonsense in this situation. No one's going to be polite when your one and only qualifying shot is at stake.

Also, I thought Mercedes had figured out early in the season their best shot for a single run in Q3 was to go out when the other teams came in for new tyres and the track was clear. They should be doing an out lap when the others are doing their in laps and basically have the track to themselves rather than fighting it out for space. Seriously guys, it's you against the track and the clock, whether you post a faster time before or after another car doesn't matter as long as it's faster! *Facepalm*

I think they're all waiting for the optimum amount of rubber to be laid down...

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