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Sunday at the Lake
Sunday took us down to Fairlop, for the first time since Redbridge Council decided to charge for the car parks. Luckily, they did not follow their precedent at Hainault Forest Country Park, where their original idea was to have a single charge of £4 for the whole day. We haven't used that car park since - and we always tell people about the three free car parks at the top end of the Forest. So people can still bring in their dogs and walk them for an hour or so at a reasonable charge - a good thing because it's a great place to walk when the ground is too muddy elsewhere.

Speaking of dogs, the Newfoundland people had set up a small camp and were, presumably and with permission, either training or holding a small competition.

Lots of big wet dogs. Though this girl is only six months old.

Wet Newfie Pup

This one is older and the object retrieved a tad unorthodox...

Bringing Back the Stick

This is the setting, on Fairlop Waters...

Sending Out the Newfie

and we also had a visit from the Goodyear airship.

The Goodyear Airship

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Hee. Dog in swimming cozzy!

I didn't have the nerve to ask why so many of the dogs were wearing them. Possibly protection from the heat...

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