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Into the Woods
This was the rather clever title of an event held in Roding Meadows on Saturday - or it would have been if any of it had actually taken place in the local woods. It would also have been cooler.

The first surprise was the amount of stuff down the lane off the new roundabout - I mean, we knew about the housing development, but didn't realise that there were offices - including of Essex Wildlife Trust, the organisers of the event - several car parks, a very new wildlife reserve, a respite care home for both the disabled and carers, and the marvellous new stables, barns, menage and paddocks of the Chigwell Riding Trust for Special Needs.


We've seen them in Roding Meadows, but not until Saturday did we realise that all they had to do was ride over this bridge and they'd be in the meadows.

Over the Motorway

The pony on the bridge is Tansy, who the Trust usually take to fund raising events. She was just coming back with her handler, it being too damn hot for a grey pony to stand about in an open meadow.

The top fields were full of stalls representing Epping Forest District Council, Essex Wildlife Trust, the Epping Forest Burial Park, and the local societies dedicated to birds and butterflies, fungii, trees and such. I had a wonderful conversation with the chap representing the Cambridge and Essex Butterfly conservation. The chap from the Lambourne End Outdoor Centre had brought some chicks...


who didn't need the generator he had hired in expectation of the weather being what it normally is on 1st October.

There was welly throwing

The Wellies Are Thrown


Meet the Ferret

Hedge Laying

Hedge Laying

and music

Forest Violins 1

Woodford Archery had brought their butts, and I did rather better than I have done before. What I was really pleased about was that, despite my wrists and hands both being painful, I was able to pull the light bow back to my ear with no difficulty! They do taster courses, too. Ina says she has pictures...

GSD rescue had brought a lightweight agility course, and Draco did it perfectly. The LLL members will never believe it!

Draco Weaves

Oh, and this is Purdy. Would you like to guess what breed she is?

Purdy, Berger Picard

To find out, hover over the pic for the title, or click through for some more pictures.

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Yay ferrets! And well done Draco.
I have no idea what Purdy is: old English hearthrug, maybe?

She's one of the French sheepdogs. There are only about twenty in the country, and, you know, I sort of want one!

I can see why you would: she's lovely. And those ears are adorable.

It looks like it was lots of fun!

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