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The Wedding of River Song
Well, you didn't expect all the questions to be answered, did you?

So River is really, sort of, the Doctor's wife. And she spends her nights with him, does she?

And she inherited quite a bit of her ruthlessness from Amy. I cheered.

And all of team TARDIS are still alive. I cheered even harder.

And the universe thinks the Doctor is dead.

The Moff moves further away from RTD's vision and closer to the early Doctors.

And the question is - Who?

Identify, as I said is the key to this season, and maybe the next.

I need to think about this one and try and find out if it made any sense. The ending certainly did.

But I did enjoy it. A lot.

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I'm hoping this means the Doctor will be travelling further afield from now on. I liked the way they slipped the Brig's death in, too. Terrific episode all round, I thought, very enjoyable.

Yes, liked this one a lot - managed to walk that fine line between disappointing fans and producing officially sanctioned fanfiction (which is never as good as the unofficial stuff...).

I suspect it will make sense - Moffatt is usually a very careful plotter, even his detractors give him that.

I'm a big fan of the idea of turning the Doctor back into the "cosmic vagabond" of old Who, For one thing it has so much more dramatic potential than the godlike universal hero. It allows the Doctor to be far more fallible which also makes it easier to be dramatic.

And three cheers for ruthless Amy. I entirely approved...

I'm a big fan of the idea of turning the Doctor back into the "cosmic vagabond" of old Who

Same here. Much more fun in the end.

I don't like the Doctor as superhero, which is what he became with Tennant.

Loved it too and particularly loved the imagery around the gherkin. It DOES feel more like the original spirit of Who.
I'm intrigued to find out what next season is all about.

Though we must always remember that the Doctor lies.

So do a lot of other people.

I am, every episode, astonished by Matt Smith's acting range. I was surprised when they gave the role to such a young actor - but he's really made the role his own. IMHO, of course.

I had never seen Silence in the Library, and borrowed it to watch it recently - was astonished that it still fits perfectly with what has happened since!

Did you see the Story of River Song in Confidential which put it firmly into order for those who hadn't understood it?

Personally, I've never found it difficult to understand. Despite my hatred of Tennant and Tate, I did actually see Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead when broadcast because, hell, it was Moffat. They were the only two episodes of Who that he wrote that I didn't own, and I picked them up cheap fairly recent because, well, River Song.

And she inherited quite a bit of her ruthlessness from Amy. I cheered.

So did I!

I get the feeling it all made sense, but that I need to re-watch to be sure *g*

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