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Signs of Autumn
Despite the heat, it really is Autumn.

We went for a walk in Bedford's park this morning, and the Red Deer stags were bellowing.

Bellowing Stag

I rather wish we had Ina's camera as it has an excellent recording facility - and the noise was incredible.

And the trees are beginning to turn...


But I do wish we had more field maples...

Field Maple

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One of the first things we heard when we arrived at the French house just over a week ago was the stags bellowing in the woods and they've been doing it every night since. Most impressive!

I do envy you.

Our local roe and muntjac do not bellow.

You and Ina should consider a trip over here sometime. You can fly from London City to Brive from around Easter to October. You would both be very welcome here.

We will hold you to that!

Meanwhile, when are you coming to London? Ina and I would love to do lunch. Or you can visit.

*g* I warn you, it will involve trips to cave art!

I'll check some dates with you when I'm back. We'll need a trip up to see Graham's dad soon, I'm sure.

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