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Photo Post
I was in Solihull at the weekend. This was much the best photo, taken in the grounds of Oliver Bird Hall, after it had stopped raining.

The Dying Sunflower

When I first saw this I went "Huh???" but the illusion disappears on a second look.

A sinking feeling

This was a stunning climber.


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The colours in those leaves are amazing, and you've really captured their texture.

Never having been to the U.K., I was initially confused by the plate on that Mini Cooper. The colors look downright Ukrainian to me. :)

My first thought on photo 2 was liquifaction! :)

Also, I love your sunflower.

My first thought was, "Why have they buried that car in the gravel?" I have a far too literal mind.

In Christchurch, cars bury themselves :)

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