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Insect bite 2
Nearly back to normal. So long as the bite itself stays clean I should be in the clear, though I am still gulping down antibiotics and antihistamines. (I know all about the consequences of not taking a full course.)

Thanks to all for your concern.

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Thank you for that. I was just about to send you a query. Glad you're continuing to improve.

I missed your first post as I was in transit to France.

I sympathise. I reach horribly to bites and have already been snacked on by several mossies.

We think this one was either a horse fly or a tick. Probably a horse fly. I've not been bitten by one of those before (I'm usually covered in mossie and midge bites) and have no wish to be bitten by one again.

Good news. Hope the improvement continues apace.

Umm, I still haven't read the original post that got everyone concerned, but if I had, i would have been!!!

Glad you are feeling better!!!

::off to read previous missive::

Good grief, Lil, how horrible! Do they know what it might have been? Very glad you're responding so well to the treatment. I'm sending you good healing wishes, which I know have no actual merit due to all that being bunk, but which do illustrate the fact I think you're fairly fab.

After some LJ conversation with heleninwales we think it was probably a horse fly. Though I have had bad reactions to tick bites in the past. However, this time I did not have to remove a tick. The swelling has all gone now, but the actual bite itself is still swollen and weeping a bit.

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