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Insect bite
Because I promised.

My hand is much less swollen. I can, sort of, see the tendons when I move my fingers.

The bite itself was very swollen and the top soaked off in the bath this morning, so I have a hole to the dermis about 10mm across in my hand. However, it has been covered with antiseptic cream and protected by a (hypoallergenic) plaster all day.

I have been feeling a bit odd, but that is probably a result of the antibiotics - as predicted by the 'enclosed leaflet.'

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Thanks for the update. A few years ago I had a similar inflammation, though I think yours has overtaken it; not that I want there to be any competition at all in these matters, ever, except perhaps to wish you the most rapid of recoveries.

I'm glad you are getting the correct treatment. It seems that things are improving. Take care and be careful.

I'm so out of everything -- I have to read back to find out what happened. Yikes!

Take care of yourself.

I think that's the most impressive bite I've ever seen/heard of, and I've seen/heard of some pretty remarkable ones, what with all the travelling - you've knocked my little brother and his back-ful of red ant bites off the top spot. I hope it doesn't hurt too much, and that it heals quickly. I imagine the top coming off is a good sign?

I'm so glad it's responding to the treatment. I agree with rain_sleet_snow that it's the most impressive bite I've come across. It sounds worse even than when our daughter got bitten on the foot by a adder!

ouch. I know the doctor prescribed all the necessary anti-thingies, but do you have sufficient *chocolate* in the house? Also, you deserve much tea and cake.

There is never enough chocolate!

(But we do have sufficient.)

(Deleted comment)
Chocolate, tea, cake and *hic* incohol.

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