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And while we're about it...
Can anyone tell me why my perfectly legal (it'd better be as Samsung loaded it) Windows 7 keeps telling me it is a bastard illegitimate? The only way to get rid of the message is System Recovery. Oddly, after the updates in question reload it is usually fine. The one I just got rid of was 'critical' mind you...

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Can't help you but almost every serious computer problem I've had in my life begins with the phrase 'I downloaded an update from Microsoft...' (and since the others usually begin 'There was this glass of Coke next to the computer...' I don't think they count).


My last computer was also a Samsung and an absolute darling. This one is a pig. I am typing on a keyboard with a missing key (Gr Alt, so not a problem)and four keys on the keyboard that I have to hit by instinct (I am a touch typist)because they are completely blank. (E, T, A, and S, obviously, but the R is now going the same way...) Also, the neat little button on the base which allows you to check how charged the battery is has broken. This machine is less than two years old!

My Asus is a darling but I am having the blank keys problem.For me it's O and L with P and A heading the same way fast. I may need to try and find a permanent marker and re ink them at some point as @ and ; are looking dodgy and that will make the missing L a bit confusing. I've never had this issue with any other computer. I'm fine with them being invisible as long as I type without thinking where the keys are; if I let myself think about it I get confused.

I never learnt to type 'properly' so I don't put my fingers on the 'right' keys like you obviously do (from what letters you're missing), but I'm fast and accurate so I have no interest in changing lol.

I wish I could ink the keys, but mine are black with white letters...

Have you thought about using one of those silver or gold markers you can buy?

It is possible to replace keyboards. I am still using a Samsung laptop that is probably 4 years old - or is it 5? I somehow caught my fingernail under a key - I have no idea how - and broke it. It seemed worthwhile having it undamaged so I googled for a replacement, then fitted it.

Normally keyboards are held in place partly by screws accessible from underneath, usually marked K, and partly by springy clips that need to be unlatched by using a screwdriver or something else you can prise with.

Then there is the ribbon cable. Normally this is held in place in the connector on the motherboard by a mechanism that either slides or hinges open - sometimes a combination of both. Then the ribbon cable should come out of the connector with negligible force.

Edited at 2011-09-20 10:45 am (UTC)

Not a clue but I had the same thing for a while earlier this year. It seems to have stopped since I got the recovery disc out and reloaded XP.

I sometimes wish I had taken up my brother's offer for a ripped-off XP disc.

Win 7 can be really fussy depending on what happens with memory and disk firmware reporting.

I had the same thing happen suddenly, calling MicroSoft and proving it was real got me a new key and everything has been OK since.

In your case you'd need to call Samsung since it would be a Samsung OEM version.

Thanks, Bill. I may need to do that (and Samsung are actually rather good on-line.)

Since your laptop is from a big name, there's a good chance that you'll be able to find a replacement keyboard online, plus instructions on how to replace it. I'm typing this on a Dell laptop that I fitted a replacement keyboard to. Fiddly, but not something requiring skill as such. Cost about £20.

I didn't know that. Thank you.

If the task of replacing the keyboard is not so easy, it may be that we can conveniently meet somewhere so I can fix it on the spot - takes about 15 minutes at most - for example I visit London periodically to meet friends and eat and drink - as well as buying books ;-)

Thank you. I won't forget that offer if I need it - and one of those days you're in London maybe we could do lunch anyway.

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