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Diary round up
I enjoyed the Italian Grand Prix very much, with lots of individual battles, overtaking and re-overtaking, strategies working and going wrong. From my point of view, most of the drivers I favour finished well - though I do dislike Alonzo and would like to see Massa beat him occasionally, and Rosberg getting knocked out was a great pity.

I only saw about three-quarters of Dr Who and thought it interesting and quite moving, if on a minor key. Karen Gillan was excellent and, of course, the theme of identity, so important throughout this season, continued. I will watch the repeat to get a better idea.

Draco was very good at agility last Thursday, with only one run at the see-saw when he was supposed to be jumping an obstacle. Of course, next week when Ina lets him off the lead he will run amok...

Have been watching Season 3 Primeval and writing down loads of unimaginative and banal dialogue, with occasional squeals of "How the fuck is she supposed to have got a warrant while driving at top speed to the ARC, and the Minister can't issue one anyway, and the Home Office isn't responsible for the legal system...!"

Have also been watching Criminal Minds again. Great series.

Loved the film The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec. So long as you leave your scientific knowledge behind the plot makes sense. Sort of. It also helps, I think, if you are familiar with French farce which, thanks to the Old Vic, we are. Oh, and if you have a little French to supplement the sub-titles, though those are by no means that bad. There are some very funny jokes.

We've been having a mindless thriller binge as well. Knight and Day is almost as much fun as Cruise and Diaz are having making it. Salt has an extraordinary number of holes, but one is never totally sure that it is going to turn out the way you think it is. There are a number of shocks, though I did work out who the villains were before the end.

We saw a female sparrowhawk in Chigwell Row wood the other day - of course, neither of us had a camera! - and this has been an extraordinary year for dragonflies, though, again, they appear in numbers when neither of us has a camera.

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Sparrowhawks are lovely creatures.

Indeed. This was sitting on a stump only about 25 yards away.

I've got The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec in my to-watch queue, so I'm relieved you liked it. How much knowledge of French farce is necessary, though? I've read (but not seen) some Molière and nothing more recent, and the person I'll be watching it with has probably not seen or read any at all.

I saw the F1 highlights by accident and enjoyed it for a change - I used to watch it in the late 90s/early 2000s but was put off by a run of not terribly exciting races coupled with the ITV 'something just happened in the advert break' commentary, and I am now completely out of practice and don't know where the interesting strategies are happening and would have to invest a bit of time in learning about it again before I could watch in properly.

I made the remark about Adèle Blanc-Sec because so many people seem to have trouble with the plot on first viewing, at least. We didn't and thought it might be because we recognised French farce tropes (and are both Feydeau fans) so took those as our viewing mindset.

I doubt you'll have a problem - and tell your friend to relax and go with the flow...

I saw a very fine green dragonfly flitting around the wildlife pond in Ecclesall Woods the other day. Of course if vanished as I was getting the camera out.

Possibly a Southern Hawker or an Emperor - they get further North than Sheffield and both are common and very large. If it came to investigate you it was probably a Southern Hawker.

This is a reasonable page for identification


Thanks for the link. Based on an impression of greenness and not very prominent stripes, I suspect Emperor.

Great race at Monza. Classic driving from JB and surprising maturity from Hamilton. Schumi put up the fight of his life, but I think Ross Brawn got him out of trouble and letting Lewis past settled it. Would have been very interesting to see what Rosberg could have done on the opposite tyre strategy. Also a good result for Di Resta

Oh for a Euro-millions win ... :)

I am still smarting from the loss of Hulkenberg (not because I think he's gorgeous - oh, no! - but because he's more talented than some people who are in there because they've got sponsorship) as a team driver.

I do think that if it had been anyone else but Hamilton that Schumi changed direction twice on (though there was doubt pace the BBC commentators) the stewards might have jumped on him harder, but the way Lewis has driven this season, they probably thought a little of his own medicine serves him right and got Brawn to issue the warning...

Edited at 2011-09-12 05:42 pm (UTC)

One brilliant thing about Dr Who on Saturday was 'old' Amy's makeup. Perfect. And, yes, Karen Gillan carried Old Amy very well - acted her socks off, in fact, as did Arthur Darville.

Re Knight and Day: excellent fun. I don't regret the cost of cinema tickets in the least and could easily watch it again on TV.

Did you see Diaz's and Cruise's appearance on Top Gear when they were promoting it? Publicity is that both did their own car stunts - Cruise always does, of course, but Diaz certainly can drive.

Yes I did. Good TG episode and yes they can drive. Cruise did his own swordfighting stunts in Last Samurai as well, apparently training so hard he had to have new jackets to accommodate more muscular arms. I was certainly impressed by the choreography in the 'Cruise versus 8 swordsmen' fight. Apparently it was 30+ continuous moves and shot as one sequence -a far different cry from those swordfights where they film three clangs of the sword and then stop to reposition.

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