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A quick addendum re Who
The best comment on this Saturday's episode I have seen was by neadods who remarked, in a single line post, that it would have made a better Sarah Jane Adventure.

It also suffers from being shown out of order - it was made and meant to be shown much earlier, in the first part of this season - so all the comments about Amy and Rory having forgotten all the trauma they went through previously and therefore acting out of character are both right, and very wrong.

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I hadn't known that about the scheduling: suddenly, it makes a lot more sense.

Neither had I, but some of my flist are much better informed. (In this case, parrot_knight)

My understanding is it got swapped with the pirate episode which would have been just as bad tonally.

Just as bad as the pirate one, then?

Actually, I don't see that it would be anywhere near as bad from a characterisation viewpoint.

Actually, I don't see that it would be anywhere near as bad from a characterisation viewpoint.

I don't recall any sort of reaction from them when the boy turns up as a stowaway and it turns out his mom's dead so he went to find his dad - I would have thought the whole child reunited with parent thing would be a bit of an emotional stab to them if they had just learned they'd lost the opportunity to raise their daughter. So I think I'd have found it just as off as this episode.

See, I don't think the pirate episode can be redeemed in any way, so strangely I'd have rather had them the other way around. I quite liked this weekend's episode, except that it was tonally ridiculously 'off' (but then I also like SJA, so that needs to be borne in mind!).

Having this one when the pirate episode happened would have done wonders for this episode. Having the pirate one now would still have made for a crap episode, but then it did that anyway.

I don't think much of either episode, but the pirate one is marginally worse...

I think the pirate one was vastly worse: this one had a certain sense and simple plot to it, whereas the pirate one made no sense in any shape or form. But then I may just have been pissed off by the big pentacle in that ep.

My main problem with the pirate episode was that the cast was far too busy enjoying themselves to make sure that the viewer would do the same...

I meant that if the dolls episode had been placed at 3 - or 4, which is the placing I've heard mention - it would have made more sense of the characterisation in that episode.

In fact, it was, I believe, bumped out to make room for The Doctor's Wife, and it should, really, have followed that episode, but then that would have meant ending the split season on The Almost People which would have been a bit of a let-down.

The original running order had 'The Doctor's Wife' third and 'Night Terrors' fourth. When 'Night Terrors' was moved to the second half of the season, 'The Doctor's Wife' was moved to fourth in the run, with 'The Curse of the Black Spot' being placed third.

Where was 'The Curse of the Black Spot' originally placed, then? Is all this mucking about really to make sure that the season split on A Good Man Goes to War? Or was it that they realised that both Night Terrors and The Curse of the Black Spot are so weak/aimed at children only that having them both in the same season would be pretty dangerous.

'Curse' was originally ninth or thereabouts, but was third by the time it went into production. The split was always going to be at 'A Good Man...' but an eight episode first half and a five episode second half would have been unbalanced, hence the move. The thinking was that 'Curse' was a lighter episode.

I suppose it is lighter, but, all the same, the characterisation arc is thrown to hell whichever way you do it.

'Curse' didn't reach final script stage before it was moved, so perhaps there was a darker version earlier in its development. Characterisation has definitely been wrecked, though.

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