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Dr Who (No Spoilers)
Another typical Gatiss episode, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

I ought to have found this really scary as it should have pushed all my personal fear buttons. It didn't.

Like chewing candy-floss, really.

Not enough Rory and Amy. Not enough wit. Not enough plot.


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I was watching online and my internet connection fell over halfway through. I was bored anyway and not that disappointed. It should have been very scary, but the sound and fury, signifying nothing, sums up Matt Smith for me.

This was the second one in this series that I'd started watching, and I never got to the end of the first one either. I think I need to admit this doctor's not working in the least for me and that River and Rory aren't enough to sustain my attention.

Well, I stopped watching during the Tennant era because I hated him and RTD (and Rose) so much.

I tend to watch for writers - I have loved most of Moffat's scripts and wish that Paul Cornell would do some more. Matt Smith scores highly for me.

I have disliked most of Gattis's episodes, and, despite my love for Moffat, I loathe Sherlock... but then I can't cope with Holmes as fantasy, which Dr Who is...

I've watched Dr Who fairly consistently over the years without being a hardcore fan. I liked Christopher Eccleston a lot - the fact he was older and edgier than the pre-pubescent actors we seem to be getting now worked better for me. I wasn't struck on Tennant (too much gurning) or Rose. I liked Martha and thought she was badly treated. Once they started having assistants falling in love with the doctor, it was a recipe for disaster.

I've seen it pretty much since An Unearthly Child (both broadcasts.) At that time (I was 14) I did not like it at all, possibly because I was in love with the great BBC SF serials and suspected, rightly, that Who was the end of them. I considered it childish.

However, my brother - who is the real Who fan - insisted on watching it. Over the years, I have come to love Hartnell (or, more precisely Ian and Barbara) and Peter Davidson. I prefer old/classic Who - or I did until Moffat took over.

I hate both Bakers, though.

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Jon Pertwee was 'my' doctor when I was growing up. I disliked the Bakers as well, particularly Colin.

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*blink* Are you really sure that "pre-pubescent" is the term you want to use for men who are (respectively) ages 40 and 29? I do not think that word means what you think it means. :-)

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I quite enjoyed it, but I did get the feeling it was aimed at a rather younger audience, with not that much for the adult fans.

Well, they all are, really. I think we tend to forget that. Even back in the old days the Beeb never thought of it as it a serious programme or gave it the budget it deserved, considering its popularity.

I would have liked a bit more of the dolls, myself.

I suspect you and I are on different wavelengths when it comes to NuWho.

I loathe Matt Smith, but I actually liked this episode. It wasn't a 'great' episode, but it held my interest, and it's the only one this series that has managed that.

And Rory is the only actor on TV capable of holding a torch in a normal way. *rides torch-related hobbyhorse*

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I know what it means, thanks!

Luka, you didn't manage to reply to Starcat Jewel but to the main post.

Always remembering that Matt Smith is now the same age as Peter Davidson was when he first took the role.

*sigh* Nobody understands hyperbole these days...

Drat - I was sure I'd replied from the email notification, which took me straight to the comment.

I know *g*. It was, as Ina said elsewhere, me indulging in hyperbole!

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