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Just to say...
That I am very glad to have lived to see the day when a chap on a low-brow quiz show*, asked to identify the traditional material for gifts for a selection of wedding anniversary years, says, "Oh, I'm going for three, because my husband gave me a gift for our third wedding anniversary, and it was made of leather, so I'm hoping that's right."

And no-one bats an eyelid.

How things can change in a few years!

Incidentally, he was right and it was his knowledge of 80s pop that eventually won his team the quiz and the money.

*Last night's Pointless. I like Pointless. So sue me.

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Nice to see that things actually do move forward.

*nods* yes, it's things like this that make me think some progress is actually being made, and I delight in the thought of how many nasty little fundies will gnash their teeth over it.

My mother-in-law is addicted to that show!

Well, Pointless does have Alexander Armstrong, it is is often quite funny, and it does make one all superior to be able to look down a board and know all the answers, including why they have picked the 'ringers'.

Then they start on pop music and I am totally sunk.

LOL. I failed to work out the rules and, without knowing the name of the show, I huffed to Mr FB, "What a bloody pointless programme!"

He was much amused.

(Deleted comment)
Adorable. As Pratchett would say "little jiggly things"?

I had to read it twice before the penny dropped ;-) But I'm only on my second cup of coffee of the morning, so that's my excuse. Also, yay! That's rather sweet, as well as good for progress.

It always makes me happy when Radio 2 reads out dedications from same-sex couples.

I have taken to watching Eggheads every evening, just to fill in some time. I fear I shall turn into my mother if this carries on.

We often watch Eggheads while eating dinner.

We also know quite a few people who have been on the opposing teams...

Did they detail what sort of leather gift?

Not what you're thinking, woman!

Actually, I believe he said it was a case for something - a pen, maybe?

Oops sorry
I misinterpreted the tone of the post

I'm sorry too.

There should have been a *grin* after the first sentence of my reply. It's not something I'd say to anyone but a fan writer... I just hadn't thought of the gay and leather implications together in HP fandom. *sigh*

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