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Long, long ago...
Long, long ago, Brian Aldiss, in Billion Year Spree invented a term for a specific type of SF, as exemplified by the works of Alfred Bester and Charles Harness - he called it "widescreen baroque."

Moffat's New Who, I have now realised, is another example.

I wasn't particularly looking forward to tonight's episode, Let's Kill Hitler - and there's a misleading title - but I am now enthused all over again. (Despite the fact I guessed who Mels was from the moment that scarlet car appeared - I mean, who else would be driving it?) Both Rory and Amy were utterly wonderful. So were the Doctor and River, and the plot was timey-wimey and clever.

Though I could do without the "spot the reference" moments. Sigh.

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(Despite the fact I guessed who Mels was from the moment that scarlet car appeared - I mean, who else would be driving it?)

As soon as the car appeared, I thought 'Of course she's got a sports car!'. Then she emerged and it wasn't (quite) River and I was all confused for a bit. Then it turned out I was right all along!

'Of course she's got a sports car!'

Albeit a crap one...

That's our River - all show.

Same here. And I was expecting her to use her regen energy to save the Doctor, eventually, which she duly did - yay! And Rory stuffed Hitler in a cupboard. Result!

Not to mention getting to thump Nazis twice!

Oh, definitely that! :-) I cheered.

I loved the way Rory had a hand on the Doctor's shoulder to support him in one of the early sequences.

Quite bats, it was, but the greatest fun. Glad to have it back :-D

I confess, I love Moffat's take on Who - every time I tune in I wonder if he'll spoil it, and so far he hasn't. I do wonder if the younger members of the audience can follow it (or indeed, whether they care if they can or can't!).

I rather liked the fact they left Hitler locked in a cupboard :-)

I rather think we may get a whole clutch of misleading titles now, since The Doctor's Wife worked so well.

I get the impression that Moffat is, quite gradually, changing Who to a new vision quite divorced from RTD's. At least, I hope that's what he's doing...

He has real problems with his producers and funding.

Moffat has proved a genius at coping with no funding by being clever.

My one problem is that you have to see the stories twice to fully appreciate them. How many of his audience do that?

Well, you have a point there, as we watched Let's Kill Hitler again last night and spotted a couple of clever things that we missed originally, including one that may be a pointer to future events...

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