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Oh, the irony
Woman on BBC, "This would never happen in Jamaica."

Household falls about laughing.

"Over 30 Dead in street riots in Jamaica" - report dated 27 May 2010!

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My ironic contribution: Newspaper in Iran admonishing the London police to show restraint in dealing with protesters.

"Do as we say, not as we do."

Unfortunately I think there's a real danger of a certain type all over the country thinking 'that looks like fun' and figuring they can just go out and start smashing and setting things on fire if they can get enough mates together. I was really hoping last night that Bristol wouldn't join in, but it was a forgone conclusion really.

A lot of it appears to be pure opportunism - but at least the police up in Manchester and Salford appear to have got things under control there.

Obviously someone with no clue as to the recent history of Jamaica.

Maybe she meant they'd never queue to use the security tag removal machine?

My favourite comment was from a Tory Grandee of Sky News

"Why are these children not at school?"

Who said the Tories were out of touch?

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