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Writer's Block: Late-night TV
We know you watch them (so do we)—what’s your favorite infomercial?

I had to look up what this meant on Google.

Not allowed on UK terrestrial TV. Confined to shopping channels on digital and satellite. Unwatched by nearly everyone. Including me.

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Not just shopping channels. A lot of the cable channels pop in 2-3 hours of infomercials on early in the morning (5-7/8ish), I often get up quite early and flick through the channels so see them briefly.

I presume those start out as satellite channels and are picked up by cable. There isn't any original output on cable in the UK, is there?

Not sure. I expect the correct term these days is digital because they some are available with Freeview and some have to be subscibed to via Sky/BT/Virgin.

Sky owns a bunch of channels but others are independent or owned by other groups. Looks like even some of the ITV digital channels do have some 'home shopping' early morning. Channel 5 does have supercasino on late night which to me is much worse than boring infomercials for exercise machines and bras.

ITV shares those channels with shopping channels - they don't put out shopping content themselves.

Had not realised that. I also suspect from the accents (USA) that most infomercials are produced in America. In general I avoid shopping channels like the plague though my Aunt is totally addicted to QVC - still given my book buying addiction I really have no grounds.

Thank goodness Amazon doesn't have a shopping channel.

For a company that's supposed to have so many Russian customers, those things are amazingly US-centric. I loved the Independence Day one: "How do you celebrate July 4th in your country?" Er, not at all?

I liked Ina's reply to that one which was, basically, "I live in the country people celebrate their independence from."

People watch infomercials? I thought they were only around because they were preferable to dead air.

According to the replies, some people actually buy the stuff.

Mind you, these oddities were drowned out by the cries of "Wrong! I do not so watch infomercials!" and "What the **** is an infomercial?"

It's been one of the times I have wished I could read Russian...

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