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Little Dog Draco has his faults
but he has been wonderful today, playing at great length with children and adults, being picked up and carried - which he never likes - and being very gentle with toddlers, and not jumping up at the sight of a child carrying a cat. He is now flaked out on the sofa.

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Conversely the muppet has been causing enough havoc for ten dogs. I promise, she's more than picked up the slack for Draco :)


We (Draco and I) were at a party in someone else's (albeit a good friend's) house and garden. That's always the time that both animals and children choose to Show You Up.

Lol yes it is. The muppet saw a squirrel in the garden at about 10am. It came back once in the afternoon. She started *squeaking* when she first saw it, no matter how many times we took her out. She finally shut up at about 6pm...

It is like nails on a blackboard.

Please thank Draco for putting up with the child in question. She enjoyed his presence and willingness to play, which also helped console her for lack of other children for company.

Draco loves the child in question, and I was grateful to her for keeping him entertained.

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