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As promised, images of Whitstable harbour.
Whitstable Harbour

Oyster Fishing Boats

Raise the Skull and Crossbones


Boats on the Beach

Blue and Yellow

Shell Recycling

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Thank you! It's too long since I've been there. Or, indeed, to any part of Kent.

My pleasure. The annoying thing is that we were only there for an hour, and the beer festival was starting, and the Oyster festival starts tomorrow.


Nice collection. I love harbours! So much interesting stuff to shoot.

I love anything to do with water.

The light was pretty bad, but all the same...

Incidentally, I like your new icon.

Do you mean the one I'm using here?

Yes. It makes you look really happy, which the other photo of you didn't.

I'm on the beach a Camps Bay, South Africa. Guess that's why I'm happy! Which icon am I not looking very happy in?

The full face shot where you are staring at the camera!

I have different icons for my different moods. I still think I'll be using them all!

Nice pix. Don't think I've ever been there. I do like boats and harbours.

It's also a very pretty little working seaside town (though, like all Kent, property is expensive) famed for its oyster beds.

Just along the coast from me! Although I have to admit, I find Whitstable to be a little overrated...

Hey, where are you? I know temeres is out on Thanet...

Very nice!

The blue boats manage to look cheerful despite the grey day. I have to admit my first thought was that the catamarans were pulled up and put away "for the winter" and then I thought, wait a minute; those pictures were taken yesterday--it's July!

And this is England! It rains.

Lovely photos. I don't think I've seen a boat park of just catamarans before. Quite startling. Yellow boats and blue trawlers especially striking in the dull light. :)

I've just been looking at the full set on Flickr - I love all the patterns you've found.

And now I have yearnings for the seaside, though I don't know the Kent coast at all...

The Kent and Sussex coasts are not as spectacular as the Yorkshire and Northumberland coasts, but they have their own delights.

Chalk cliffs and stacks, beaches of sand and pebbles and limestone pavements, gorgeous coves like St Margaret's Bay and the bleakness of Romney and Walland Marshes, with inland cliffs at their back. And some of the loveliest (near)seaside towns - Sandwich and Rye and Hyde and Winchelsea - in the country.

Not to mention some truly impressive Roman and Norman ruins.

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