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Primeval: Episodes 5.03 and 5.04
That's better. Plots that come close to making sense, at least at first viewing, and some people, at least, being reasonable. (Hello, Abby and Matt.)

However, Connor is an idiot, and doubly an idiot for that line about Cutter. At least Abby pulled him up on that.

Problems with the sets and some of the FX didn't help, but, hell, I enjoyed these episodes despite their lack of Lester.

Still no reason for Jess...

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Yes, I do wish they'd get their act together re continuity! Can't really blame Connor for that, but it jars - they were usually reasonably good at that before, in characterisation terms. I'm guessing some of the writers either weren't properly briefed, or didn't do their homework regarding what had happened with various characters before. AH took his eye off the ball again.

Eps 4, 5 and 6 are definitely the best of the series, but on the whole, I thought the whole run was pretty good. A lot of the problems have been down to money and location.

I enjoyed the whole of season 5 way more than I expected to given 4 was, IMO, better than 3 but still a bit meh.

It still hasn't pulled it together the way 1 & 2 did though. And for this I will be eternally disappointed :-(

We have still o get around to the last two episodes, what with one thing and another and Harry Potter...

I thought the first two episodes stank, and still can't see the point of Jess - and Matt is still referred to in this household as "the charisma vacuum".

Whatsisname does seem to have the exact opposite of "stage presence", doesn't he? Cardinal sin: they haven't made me care a jot about the new characters. Jess: as you say, why? Matt, poor team leader, inspiring neither respect or loyalty, Becker - very pretty, I'll admit but they did way more with Ryan in a great deal less screen time. Emily? Yawn...

I still don't understand why the writers who brought is S1&2, and who fought to keep the series alive, have changed the series into what it is now. And I hate fans who continually whinge about how their favourite show has been ruined (there's a lot of that in Doctor Who fandom at the moment- Moffat and Smith are destroying the show! Bring back Russell! Waaah!) and that's why I'm not around as much as I have been, but I do think the there used to be a heart to this show that is no longer present.

I could believe in the character reactions in Season 1 and, occasionally, in Season 2. From thereon in, much as I loved Abby, I'm holding on to Lester, and even he was acting OCC this season.

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