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Are None of My Friends Interested in Torchwood?
No reason that they should be, of course.

There are no real spoilers here, so I am not cutting.

The three radio plays this week were weak in imagination, but at least provided some sort of closure after Children of Earth which, you may recall, I detested.

Miracle Day, on the other hand, was a bit silly and very sadistic. (Don't they have toll bridges in the States? I rather thought they did, so why should an American be surprised by British toll bridges.) It didn't make a lot of sense, but then when did Torchwood make sense? There was a lot of gore and guns and silly, over-dramatic statements.

Oh, and I do not believe the American reaction to Miracle Day. Surely a lot of people would have assumed this was 'the Rapture'?

Well, it could have been worse, but I still prefer the radio plays.

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I've got it recorded, being as I was at work, but I'll probably wait until Friday to watch it.

I failed to pay attention this evening (this may be due to my brain being overstuffed with Harry Potter) and I'm not sure how much I care. I find I'm intensely irritated by Captain Jack on screen. The radio plays I will catch up with on Sunday morning: Looby Loo has been listening and rather enjoying them (she may be the only person of her generation hooked on Radio 4 for drama and Radio 3 for music).

I was hooked on the Home Service at her age, and so was Ina. I presume there are still the equivalent children about.

I wanted to see the crispy undead helicopter occupants writhing on that Welsh beach! :)


As a guy I worked with used to mutter over his drawing board: "Error, error, error."

It was my eighty three year old Mum that mentioned it before I thought of it. It was a classic missed oportunity for more Gore! :O]

Sorry - I am a bit distracted!

Yes, I have paid the toll on the Mackinac Bridge! And checking with Wikipedia, I may well have on the Mid-Hudson bridge, too.

No interest in Torchwood here, I'm afraid -- I've never seen it, and I'm busy this evening with a streaming American conference.

Plenty of toll bridges in the US -- I've been driven across a couple in the Bay Area. (They tend to collect tolls in one direction only, on the assumption that most people will be making round trips, presumably.)

I gather "Americanised" is trending on Twitter.

In New Jersey, there are a number of toll bridges crossing to neighboring states. It's a subject of local jokes that in nearly all cases, they have one-way tolls and you have to pay to leave the state.

Believe me, the conference was certainly more entertaining.

I only watch Torchwood in snatches - and mainly so I can keep up with the snark.

The Second Severn Crossing (the bridge featured) is also a one-way toll. You have to pay to get into Wales, but England is free.

The bridge I cross every day to go to work (the Tamar Road Bridge - the one on the left in the picture) is the reverse - you have to pay to get into England, but Cornwall is free.

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I'm not watching anything these days except Criminal Minds. I've seen a lot of promise in a number of shows, including Merlin, Primeval and Torchwood, but I just can't get fannishly interested. These days, I'm avoiding BBC America because they're showing crappy US sci-fi (don't ask me why).

Yes, we have tons of toll roads through a lot of the country, particularly on the east coast. We don't have them for the most part in Southern California, however, so it's probably a case of "writer goes to Hollywood and Disneyland, then decides that's the whole country" lol

Only 5% of the US population believes in "the Rapture" -- or, as I like to call it, the first cut.

This episode was written by Russell T Davies, the series creator. I'm sure he's been to New York, at least.

Oh, Davies has definitely been to New York. He has no excuse. In fact, I do believe Larry and I have paid more tolls on NY roads than when driving through England.

Edited at 2011-07-15 11:53 am (UTC)

Not particularly interested, but interested enough to watch while doing other things. While it didn't annoy me as much as 'old' Torchwood, it just wasn't that interesting. It completely failed to grab my attention...

Except for a vague feeling of "I know that beach". Quick rummage through holiday snaps, and here we are:

I was surfing t'internets most of the time.

I keep dipping back in to see if it's got any better, though I do like the radio plays, which tend to be less silly. What bothers me about this new season (apart from the lack of imagination and the sadism) is that every episode has an RTD writing credit. Some of the other writers are terrific, and I would love to see their take, but if he has crapped all over their scripts...

Yes, I watched it.

I confess I am a Captain Jack fan, so it could be utter rubbish and I would still be watching it. However, I didn't think it was bad (considering what the Americans could have done to it). Unlike a lot of you I actually like Torchwood - though I don't always like everything about it. There have been some appalling episodes (anything written by Chris Chibnall tends to head that list) and Miracle Day wasn't without its inconsistencies (yes, the crispy undead helicopter occupants and the American who doesn't recognse a toll bridge being the two worst ones.) And how come the helicopter assassins were trying to kill Gwen anyway when... err... nobody can die? (Yes, OK, they may just have been trying to render her useless, but locking her up would be a much more humane way to do that. Did they really want to render her into meat and leave her alive?)

But by and large I thought it was worth spending an hour with Torchwood and I have the future ones blocked into my calendar.

I found the most annoying thing was the agent with a massive chest wound hobbling and flailing about on a crutch while still managing to keep a phone trapped between shoulder and ear. And grabbing a wheelchair while discharging himself from hospital - which he has to self-wheel using both arms... with self-same massive chest wound.

Plus the obvious doll/baby which was obviously way too small to be an eight month old bundle when Rhys had her wrapped in a shawl like a newborn. Babies that age wriggle and yell and generally take a lot of managing.

Re the radio plays. I'm not sure Torchwood translates as well to the radio (or to books for that matter). Besides, as 'missing files' it's obvious that whatever happens they'll be pressing reset at the end. It was only in the haunted pub episode, when you arrived the final exchange between Jack and Ianto, that it gained some emotion and really grabbed me.

I just read one of the books (Twilight Streets) and for the same press-reset-at-end reason, I found a distinct lack of tension. You know no one is going to die or get irreparably damaged, so raising the stakes is almost impossible.

Look, it was an RTD script, so it was never going to make any sense at all.

Unfortunately, he seems to have had a hand (read, re-written) all the rest of the scripts, despite employing some great US scriptwriters.

Ah, well. Better RTD that Chris Chibnall. Is Jane Espenson involved, did I hear? She did some excellent work on Buffy and Angel.

Yes, Jane has written at least one of the scripts and I shall make a point of watching. So has Doris Egan.

I have recorded it and may get around to watching.

When Torchwood started, I desperately wanted to like it. I mean, it had Captain Jack! and it was set in Wales! But after a few episodes, I had to admit that it just wasn't for me.

I will give the new version a try, though references to sadism and lots of gore sound rather offputting. However, so much depends on the tone. My current new discovery is "Misfits", which I think is absolutely wonderful. Very fresh, very original and very funny in a very very black way. The characters are just so likeable, even the one you want to strangle most of the time.

You are basically stating my own position. I loved Captain Jack in Who and desperately wanted to like Torchwood. By five episodes in I was totally disillusioned and after that watched episodes very much on a "Who wrote this?" basis, except when inamac made me watch...

It isn't as bad as third season. Other people, unlike me, did like Children of Earth which I hated because it did not make sense and because it seemed OOC, for Jack at least, most of the time.

Also, I loathe RTD's audience pov characters on principle, and have never liked Gwen.

I enjoyed it more than anything in the last series. And I impressed a TW friend on her live watch post by spotting the setting of the cottage on the first glimpse.

Bits were quite genuinely creepy.

And I liked the bit with the helicopter!

If you follow philmophlegm's link above, you will see his and bunn's greyhound Mollie at full stretch on that beach, with the house in the background.

Thanks! Our dogs loved that beach as well.

I have to say I rather liked the last Torchwood series - mostly for Peter Capeldi's performance, it must be said.

This was... everything I hated about RTD's writing.

The final death knell was *after everyone has stopped dying* they carry on trying to shoot people! Why?

Utterly nonsensical, and not even that much fun.

And RTD has a writing credit - which means his hand is more than usually heavy - in every single episode of this one.

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