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Collette's Gymkana - Sort of.
Collette's runs small horse and dog shows that would be instantly recognisable to the readers of Ruby Ferguson or the Pullen-Thompsons all over the South of England. On Sunday, they held one at Ingatestone, and we went to take a look (and some photos.)

There were some handsome animals on show...

Bay Pony

Though there were occasional problems for the handlers...

Come on!


And the jumping of small fences...

Perfect Position


While some animals were beautifully turned out;

Plaited Tail

and others were wearing interesting fashion statements.

In the Pink

But everyone wanted to be friends


The whole set is on Flickr. Just click through.

Dog show and landscape to follow.

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Oh, lovely photos - especially the head-on jumping shot. I think the less said about the preponderance of pink equipment these days, in all sports, the better! ;)

You haven't seen this one...

Glittery Pony Wrap


Ah. Yes. Okay, um, *facepalm* That has to be one very warm horse. :/

The idea is to keep flies off.

Actually, the child has lovely hands, though she needs to get her heels down.

The second photo made me laugh, it was like looking back through time and seeing the return of Pixie the Bum-Biting Pony, save she was fatter and naughtier. Lovely shots!

To be fair, the Welsh Mountain (Section A) wanted to poo and wasn't keen on doing it while walking.

Brilliant photos! I really like these...

Lovely! And they remind of the Thelwell cartoons as well *g*.

Thelwell knew a lot about both horses and dogs. A lot of his cartoons were only slightly exaggerated from life.

The second photo has definitely captured A Moment. I've seen the same expression on a golden retriever, and she wasn't going anywhere in a hurry, either.

What a lovely collection of shots. They really capture the atmosphere of a little local show.

The child with the stubborn Welsh Section A could be posing for a How Not To Lead A Pony photo. (Though I take your point about the poor thing wanting to poo.)

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