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Though I complain often and loudly about the impossibility of using macro on my Lumix compact, sometimes it actually works.

Up the Pole


Oh, and this is an awful photo, but it is a White Admiral. Woohoo!

White Admiral

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Butterflies are notoriously difficult. I was half-heartedly stalking a Marbled White this evening, and never even got as far as switching the camera on.

Cracking top pic of the beetle, which appears to be the Cantharid (or 'soldier beetle') Rhagonycha fulva.

Thank you. I was going to look up the beetle when I had a spare hour! There were a large number of them on the plants around one of the small lakes on Fairlop Plain. There were also masses of butterflies and I rued the fact I only had the bloody compact, because I am sure I could have got at least a couple with the SLR.

Being a Northerner by birth, the White Admiral is not a butterfly of my childhood (nor is there much honeysuckle in Northern woods), so seeing it is a bit of a thrill.

Great beetle pictures and I don't think I've ever seen a White Admiral, so it's not just up north.

Apparently the White Admiral is reasonably common in deciduous woodland in the South and some areas of Wales, but it only flies in late June and in July, and only breeds where there is honeysuckle.

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