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I wish I knew what this was - still Googling
Copper-coloured beetle.

I saw (and photographed) this most beautifully-coloured beetle (I think it's a beetle) in Roding Meadows today. Isn't it gorgeous?

Still looking to identify it, though.

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If it wasn't red I'd say it was this -

But they appear to be only green. Body shape is right, though, so it may be a mutation for colour. The fat legs apparently mean it's a male.

Echoing the above comment, I'd say without hesitation that it was a male Oedemera nobilis, but I have only ever seen bright green specimens. There is another, duller species, O lurida, but the males don't have the swollen femora.

But yes, it is gorgeous, and it is a beetle. (You think it's a beetle? As in, you're not really sure?)

Insects are a new interest for me, and I am never really positive about identifications!

Insects are frustrating. The overwhelming majority of species are unidentifiable without recourse to specialist (and expensive) technical literature coupled with a microscope and an ability to dissect parts with tools finer than a human hair. In other words, forget 'em.

Which is why amateur pootlers like me tend to stick to butterflies, moths, dragonflies and the more distinctive bugs and beetles. Even then, ID is often no better than 'probable' or 'nearest type'.

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