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Oh, my giddy aunt!
What a race! What a victory for Jensen! Schumi still the greatest in the wet, even with a car that's still off the pace!

Wow! It was worth waiting through the rain. Never tell me again that F1 isn't exciting.

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That was brilliant! Jensen was 7 times in the pit lane, lost count of the safety cars and incidents throughout the race. Vetted must be gutted! Awesome Canadian Grand Prix!

I did mean Vettel of course but I can't edit it now you've replied. Five and half hour broadcast. Knocked Antique Roadshow and Coast off the air. Yay and Booo respectively but still amazing live tv! :0)

I can't believe how long we've been watching it!

Michael is great in the wet.

I went from BBC 1 to computer live-stream (because Ina wanted to watch Case Histories to BBC2. I was never bored even when the boys were doing their Test Match Special when Rain Stopped Play impersonation.

Yes, I did feel a distinct urge to send the chocolate cake ;-)

Superb race.

The safety car was out too long and I think they should have started normally, but after they went racing again after the restart it was brilliant fun. Not sure what the point of having wet tyres is if you're going to insist on keeping the safety car out until conditions are right for inters...

Fantastic racing between the top four especially. I'm a Vettel fan, but JB really deserved that win.

I think this was probably true of the last stint, but I think they called it right the rest of the time. What the stewards were remembering at the start is that the first corner at that track sometimes takes out half a dozen cars on the dry. It could have been carnage if some people started on inters.

I think they probably had it right to start behind the safety car, but don't think they needed 5 laps of it, and then on the restart, way too long behind the SC. What's the point in insisting on wet tyres if they're never actually used for racing?

I think it's in the rules that they have to start on wets. And, of course, the rationale is that the wets are best at clearing the track of water...

Yes, if you red flag a race for rain and re-start it while conditions are still marginal enough to insist on the safety car, then wets must be necessary. And certainly full wets clear the track efficiently. But still, if the track isn't 'safe' enough to bring the safety car in until a dry line is beginning to emerge and everyone's ready for inters, then is it ever safe to race when the weather requires full wets? Couple of laps would have been enough to clear the worst, given it wasn't raining any more. I suspect Vettel preferred to wait as long as possible ...

They were expecting more rain - a short burst which never materialised - after they went out. It may be that the Race Director (and the driver of the safety car reporting back to him) was waiting for that rain.

Missed it. Switched over to watch the England v Spain game in the Euro Under-21s, and of course the BBC switched channels when it restarted, meaning my recording was of the wrong sodding channel. Grrr...

Still, I saw enough of the race to reinforce my view that Lewis Hamilton is a spoiled brat.

I know Jensen's a local to me, but he has a proper workman-like/journeyman attitude. Lewis has a touch of entitlement which may come from being coached by McLaren since age 11. Glad to see Nige presenting prizes at Silverstone today (motogp) - he's still up there with his F1/Indycar back-to-back. :)

I agree. Part of me sometimes thinks that JB was one of the luckiest drivers ever to get that Braun drive and have it turn out to be the best car on the grid. But then I remember that not a few of his wins that year and since have been down to a combination of driving skill and sometimes out-thinking other drivers when it comes to tyre strategy.

Jensen's ability to make his tyre last longer than anyone else has become crucial this season.

Also, note Michael finding the damp parts of the track before there was a full dry line. Jenson's avoiding action round Webber on the wet tarmc was superb, and finally it was quite clear on the JB/LH replay that JB looks in his left mirror while LH is still behind him and before he then pulls out to pass.

Oh and why couldn't JB's dad actually spell his name so that car fans don't keep getting it wrong. *sigh* Not the Interceptor manufacturer. :(

Sorry, that should be 'Brawn' not 'Braun' shouldn't it?

Hamilton is learning the hard way that he is not the centre of the F1 universe, and everyone is watching him all the time, ready to get out of his way.

Fantastic race. Really wish Schumy could have got on the podium, but superb driving from him today and I hope it means we'll see more driving like that in future races. He's still got the master's touch, even if it takes the conditions to even up the car's performance. :)

Also, he does seem to have become much more philosophical since he came back. I did think his driving was masterful today.

Oh, my giddy aunt! is PRECISELY what I said at the end of the GP. Wasn't it just amazing?!


Button out of action after major F1 accident:

Watched the Le Mans 24 hours and thought that was quite enough excitement for one day, went to the cinema to see "Senna", stopped off for a Chinese and planned to watch the GP on the Sky+ box only to find it was just about to restart... Blimey!

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