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I know It Sounds a Bit Bizzare
Ina reviews Camelot (the TV series, not the L&L musical, to which we can 'sing' the words to all the songs) here


I had left the room after the first 20 minutes with the words, "I told you it was Chris-bloody-Chibnall."

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I'm glad that someone is prepared to watch crap TV so that I don't have to. I half-dallied with the idea of watching it to see if it could be as bad as it looked, but I was pretty sure the answer would be 'yes'.

There was even a line 'With this crown I anoint you' or something similarly ignorant.

Not only is it Chris Chibnall, but Chris Chibnall as add-on to Michael Hirst.

Why do so many people actually like Chibnall's work?

Presumably because he can deliver something to a budget even if it is nonsense?

It must be a very greasy crown.

I completely forgot it was on - I was catching up on The Shadow Line on iPlayer, instead.

I'd marked it in RT after noticing it was on, because I've seen a lot of my US friends squeeing over it. However, I got caught up in doing other things, and forgot about it. Sounds like that was the right choice...

I had been hoping that it would be amusing rubbish rather than just rubbish, but it seems not. Anyway, I recorded the first episode and will give it a try.

The DVD recorder had a brainfart and would not switch on, so I had to watch it. I liked Joe F as Merlin (he made the best of a bad job) and it was nice to see Sean Pertwee also doing the best he could with a lacklustre script. (There is never enough Sean Pertwee on TV - ever.) However... Arthur... oh dear me... callow youth doesn't cover it. At least Bradley James in 'Merlin' (for all its faults) looks like he might eventually turn into a king. Given the lack of anything to watch on Saturday nights since Dr Who went on hiatus until the autumn I may watch Camelot again sometime, but... then again... I may find something else to do that's more interesting - like lying on a bed of nails. Chris Chibnall is not my favourite script-writer. He managed to pen some quite disastrous Torchwood episodes (the sex-gas one for starters) for which I have never forgiven him. I wasn't all that keen on Chibnall's Silurian two parter in New Who season 5, but thankfully he's not writing anything for the current Who season 6.

My problem with Chibnall is that not only is he essentially a fanwriter - but a fanwriter from The Pit. And apparently unbetaed (let alone edited).

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