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This is proving a very good year for insects - if not for my attempts at insect photography!

The local dragonflies are out and about...

Dragonfly on Drinking Flight

This one was drinking from Sheepswater. Don't ask me what species it is, because I never did get a chance to identify it!

This one, on the other hand, was flittering around a new pond at Bedford's Park.


I think it's a male Broad Bodied Chaser.

And I'm happy with this shot of the Common Blue Damselfly, which is, indeed, common, but when I shoot it I tend to get a blue and black cylinder and no wings.

Common Blue Damselfly

I've seen more - and more exotic - dragonflies and am cursing that I didn't have the SLR with me. Not that having a camera with me helped when a White Admiral (only the second I've seen) flittered across my path yesterday.

Today Fairlop Plain was full of Meadow Browns

Meadow Brown 2

Common Blues

Common Blue - Male 2

The underside of whose wings are even more beautiful

Male Common Blue - Underside 1

and Skippers


There was also extraordinary light over the lake...

Gathering Storm

We just missed the rain!

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Lovely collection! The blue is awesome!

Beautiful! and that ominous sky, with its underlight, wow.

Dragonfly photos are such fun both to do and to see! Here's one I took back in the late eighties, I think.

Beautiful :-) I like the kamikazi dragonfly in the first shot!

Gorgeous photos, especially that blue. :)

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