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Well, with fandom around, I guess you can't be surprised any more.

As fandom has wrung every different change from the idea of who River was, it was inevitable that one of the speculations would be right. I like the word play, though.

There were some good moments in tonight's episode, and a lot of killing, which is not really very old school Who and, of course, it explains (unless she is lying, which is, of course, possible) her odd abilities. Eleven seems pleased by the idea of a nearly-Time-Lord to play with.

Of course, we still don't know who the 'Good Man' is that she kills and I expect Moffat to ring the changes in the next group of episodes.

Some good characterisation, too.

This might get better with re-viewing.
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They seem to have poisoned the well with suggestions that the child would be named "Melanie". Obviously if it had got out that it would be "Melody", too many people would have joined the dots in two seconds flat.

If that wasn't just the one fan I saw getting it wrong, then it looks like the world of showrunning has now invented anti-fan countermeasures.

I'd seen the 'Melanie' leak but dismissed it as "Maybe 25% right" the way such leaks normally are...

I'd avoided all spoilers, so I was surprised - at least, I didn't guess until River started talking about the writing on the cot (and at first I had an idea she might turn out to be his Mum).

A speculation post on the Doctor Who comm called it right, but as you say, someone was bound to, and really, there were only so many people she could have been.

I liked the Sontaran doing penance as nurse, and I was rather sorry he got killed, even though it's a Sontaran's dream to die in battle. And it was pretty epic in various places. Not sure if it completely lived up to the hype, but it had a good try. I enjoyed it.

The Sontaran was probably my favourite in this.

MR FB called it right fairly early on.

at first I had an idea she might turn out to be his Mum

To be honest, if she'd turned out to be his Mum, I would have been squicked forever!

I'd thought this was completely transparent ever since the girl turned up with powers; it's been very thoroughly telegraphed. The only person in our house who was surprised was Jonathan, who had obviously failed to notice the baby's name.

Edit: on the other hand, I completely failed to spot that it was a GooBaby.

Edited at 2011-06-04 07:41 pm (UTC)

Well, it was pretty plain that the 'girl with powers' was the Amy's baby, but that she was River was still a tad speculative until tonight.

I enjoyed the episode, and was pleased to have some questions, at least, answered, though more loose ends are still dangling. I'm not entirely comfortable with the way the show - how can I put this? - flirts with speculation.

River's identity is a great example. I worked it out from the baby's name (partly through wondering why, assuming her to be Rory's baby, she was named as 'Pond'). But yes, there was a moment over the cradle when I think you were supposed to thing: "Oh, no, wait, is she his mother?" That's quite apart from the initial suggestion that she might be the Doctor's wife (and the tease of putting that name on Gaiman's episode).

I've just deleted the next sentence - I'll leave it at that (oh, and that I too liked the Sontaran nurse).

Well, the Doctor has always referred to them as "Mr and Mrs Pond" and Amy may not have taken the Williams name. Who knows?

I've got to admit I don't read any fanfic. I was guessing the outcome from the point River tells Rory that the Battle of Demons Run was when the Doctor finally finds out who she was!

I must say that there were loads of little homages to other Science Fiction franchises in here but mostly I didn't rate most of it as Moffat is drawing too often from the Cliche Well and I'm afraid it's now totally dry!

Stupid Question: Are they saying that why Melody Pond is a Human/Time Lord Hybrid is because she gestated in a time travelling TARDIS?

I begin to wonder whether it's a chickenTARDIS/eggTime Lord situation. Do Time Lords build TARDISes, or do TARDISes create Time Lords within themselves?

The short answer to that is "Yes."

Yeah although it specifically needs to be a TARDIS in the time vortex according to the in episode theory. And I think it was conception rather than anything else that was the key moment.

Also it's clearly very unusual (probably because there aren't an awful lot of people having sex in time travelling TARDISes lol).

Although it does make you wonder about the 8th Doctor's claim to be half human half Time Lord :D

I think they said that Time Lords evolved over many many generations because of their exposure to the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, however the fact that Melody was conceived during a Tardis time-jump had exposed her to an immense excess of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, so she skipped a few branches on the evolutionary tree.

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